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    **Stands up and walks to the center of the circle**

    *Ahem* Hey SF, my name is Freedom, I'm 23 years old and I'm a maggggeeee. ^.^

    First off though I would never have to post here for another couple years but here I am.... I am here with a little bit of a "situation" if you want to call it that.

    I'm a 23 year old gay male who has finally been able to just sleep his boyfriends arms after a 3 year long distance relationship ^.^ (just to tell you it's very
    tranquil btw). But it's been a very bumpy ride. Well I just finally took the steps to get out of my parents house and am currently renting an house with another couple. Now on to the rant and rave, :p, my boyfriend and I are big gamer and loved to spend hours on on end playing on our laptops and consoles. Well the other couple that we are staying with are not big fans that my boyfriend and I are spending the consoles that they took it upon themselves to say that we are kids and that we should "better ourselves". Also there are times where he goes "What happened if everything were to disappear?" and "What is so important about games that you make your live revolve around them?" To be perfectly honest, I feel I don't make my life revolve around games as I love to play them to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Well recently we have been having some electrical issues in the house and my boyfriend and I have calmed down (dramatically cut from 4+ hours to 1-2 hours every other day) on our gaming but apparently it's still not enough. And they complain that "Oh you guys are running up the electric bill" and "You guys are going to start a fire with the wiring". Sad thing is that I have been paying the Electric Bill for the past 3 months by self and they only gave me close to fifty dollars for one month of electrical costs. Where I have been dropping most of my paycheck to the electric bill. Another thing is my roommate keeps saying that I am cheating on my boyfriend. And just to tell you I am not. I love him way to much to go sleep with another guy or girl. Well my job, doing something that I love that I cannot complain about, and taking classes to further my education though my work and my boyfriend is working hard so he can get him self in to school so he can do something he loves. Well because of my work I have been putting in overtime, to help compensate on bills (more on that later), and working with my clients over the weekdays. So I have been kinda getting distant because when I get home at close to 10-11 PM, I'm tired and want to relax or even go straight to bed because I have to be up at 5:30 the next morning.

    But wait there is more....

    Over the past couple months I have been taking my passion and turning it to a small side business. I have been doing very well to make it a living and grow a business. I was basically told by my roommate to not bring home any of my clients equipment to work on in my work space because I use the most electricity. But once I got sick and tired about my roommates complaining and asked him "So I'm to throw away my clients... I might as well sell all my equipment." Then he got all pissed off and go off on a tangent about video games, his bills, and most "importantly" how we should be like him. Another thing is I know people who can sit and watch TV or watch movies non stop... I can't and, to be honest, I hate watching movies and I can't stand watching TV unless it's with my morning coffee for the world news. But he wants my boyfriend and I be "just like him" and watch tv with them every day till they go to bed.

    But wait there is even more.........

    Before moving in to this house my car was dying and I needed an new car. So he refereed me to a dealership and I got a car from them. Well the night before we ended up he was pushing and pushing to get me to get a car from them. So I got a car and 3 months later I'm broke down on the side of the road because that dealership apparently didn't check the car. So now I have to pay for a car that I can not drive and in order to get make those payments I had to finance another car. So now I have two car payments, plus my student loans, the electric bill, now a freaking direct tv bill. Now after everything is taken out of my paycheck, I'm over drafting my account. My roommate response is to file bankruptcy. I was actually really close to filling, too. But I starting looking around and looked other things. But until I get everything in order to move to plan B I have to pay my bills. I am now forced to sell almost all my self (which includes lots of video games, manga, artwork, swords, etc) in order to pay for all my bills but here is throwing the same temper tantrum and calling me a druggy because I have to sell my stuff to pay to things.Sad thing is I helped help when he was low on cash and was able to make his payments.

    He has driven me to almost kill myself and losing the best thing that has happened to me. Even making me not want to go home....

    *sign* well that is my story of what I want to let out thanks for listening.
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    Sounds like you'd be better off moving out if possible. Your roommate is lacking intellect that everyone is different, and also sounds a touch manipulative. "If you don't do things their way it's wrong". And that they don't sound particularly nice a person to have a tunnel visioned approach "everyone should be like me".

    The amount of electricity through playing video games is only marginally more than that of a TV too.. you'd have the electric to the console as extra, but in the big scheme of things, it doesn't mean you pay 99% of the bill. 50/50 split on bills regardless of what is used would be fairer - because i'm sure there'd be things the roommate does that you don't.

    Has a lease been signed by you for the length of time that you are there? If so, how much notice would you need to give should you find somewhere else to move to?

    As for the drugs and the cheating accusations - I wouldn't listen to them. Its up to your bf and you to trust each other - anyone else's words should be ignored if untrue.

    It sounds very much like you are doing everything you can to be with your boyfriend - that you're in a job you like is a big bonus too. How other people are treating you is wearing you down because they want you to be "just like them" or "better yourself", when the reality is, working, and you and your bf looking at extra schooling too, the extra income from the side business, doesn't sound like you're a pair of kids... You use the games as a relaxation - which is better than the drugs that they are accusing you of - so I'd be inclined to consider even moving just you and your bf into a place for just the two of you.

    Congrats on the 3 years too!! :)