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  1. I was a big proponent of junk food, if that's the correct word. I mean I respected people's decision not to eat it. But it always pissed me off when they said it looked or tasted disgusting, and I always do, cuz it's kinda, kinda false, and a little bit, what's the word, just irritating.

    I've decided to stop eating it, I was really eating a lot of it. It finally entered my mind that it isn't good. And I'm not a picky eater, I can easily, I think adjust my diet. I was just waiting for my life to get perfect, I guess, to start worrying about what I was gonna eat. But now that I've decided to normalize myself, in all ways, I decided this morning, by watching a tv show on the matter, that I was not going to eat it anymore. Gradually I hope to improve my diet. I know I will. I'm committed. I'm surprised at how much food you can buy, the quantity, quality, variety, and all the possibilities of recipes, for less, than I'd usually spend in a month at fast food restaurants.

    I'm no dietary expert, but everyone has heard of fruits and vegetables, and that's a good way to start. I'm already thinking about buying tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, what else is there to put in salads? With a good south-west sauce? 5 times a week? Carrots in those ranch dipping sauces... I need more ideas... I dunno what to do with fruits, maybe some natural juices? I prefer vegetables.

    I really hate junk food, I'm done with it.

    And exercise is good, too.

    I'm not fat, I'm 205lbs for 6'3''. And I love sports, I love physical workouts. It's just that my ocd has controlled and ruined my life. I've been starting my therapy, too. Doing me lots of good. I can see OCD as the source of all my problems. Now, I'm going into my personal life, and I realize this is soap box.

    I guess I'm behind. But it isn't late I'm 21.
  2. This is a big step for you sweetheart<3
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    good luck with that kiddo :)
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    I LOVE junk food, but am GREAT at making healthy meals.

    Eat nuts (no, this is not an insult). Almonds are a GREAT source of protein and calories and they fill you up.

    Try 2% milk...I was a whole milk freak, but the 2% organic tastes awesome.

    Remember, cooking is FUN! And anything you cook is so much better than anything you can buy at a restaurant. I make a dinner called "chicken crunch". Take chicken tenderloins (raw) and dip them in mixed-up eggs, then dip them in crushed-up Frosted Flakes (I know it sounds fucked up, but it's awesome). Lay them on a cookie sheet and spray them down with some non-fat cooking spray and bake for 20-25 minutes. They come out crispy and delicious, with hardly ANY fat. I mix up a horseradish sauce (I use Boar's Head) and some Dijon mustard for a spicy dipping sauce. It's delicious.

    Also, make a few small changes...instead of peanut oil or other oils that are bad for you, use Olive oil or Canola oil. In small amounts, they are great for your health. Also, instead of butter, I use "Smart balance light". It has 1/2 the calories of butter and has added Omega 3 fatty acids (essential for a good diet, also found in fish like tuna). It's delicious too. Omega 3 is great for you, eat as much as you can.

    Any bread you eat, make it either 100% whole grain or 100% whole wheat. Doesn't matter which, as long as it is 100%. You have no idea what they do to regular bread. It's disgusting.

    There is a new drink called V8 Splash. Each 8 oz. glass (1 cup) has 1 serving of fruits and 1 serving of veggies. This is so good for you.

    If you work out a lot, when you are done, make yourself a shake using fat-free yogurt, strawberries, a banana, low-fat ice-cream and WHEY PROTEIN (you buy this from GNC in huge bins and it's great for muscle development). It is unbelievably delicious and VERY healthy.

    I LOVE food, and I cannot stick to a diet unless it tastes really good, so I know what I'm talking about, so trust me.

    Also, give yourself 1 day per week to cheat and eat whatever you want. This makes it way easier to stick to eating healthy and your body can totally handle it.

    Learn to cook. Trust me on this: it's fun and you always know exactly what is going into your body.

    Also, regarding veggies, I don't know where you live, but Wal-Mart and most grocery stores have veggie trays with broccoli, carrots, celery, etc with ranch dipping sauce and it's yummy.

    For salads, I recommend adding sliced almonds and dried cranberries with some feta cheese and a vinaigrette dressing. YUM. Also, instead of just using iceberg lettuce (the yellowy-green shit) try the greener leafs, like romaine lettuce and baby spinach. The greener the leaf, the more nutrition.

    Also, tomato sauce is GREAT for you...lots of concentrated vitamins. If you like pasta, try Barilla. There is a certain type of barilla you can buy that is fortified with extra protein and Omega 3, which tastes just as good as regular pasta, no shit. It's called "Barilla Plus", and with some diced chicken, you can have an amazing chicken cacciatore. Have it with a salad and you're golden.

    Also, use Splenda instead of sugar whenever you can. Tastes almost the same and is yummy.

    Don't drink soda. Green tea can be made as iced tea and has TONS of antioxidants which are so good for you. I make it with Splenda and it's sweet and delicious and very healthy.

    Eat as much fish as possible.

    Hope this helped a little.
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    I'm a bit of a junk food lover too! Crisps and fried rice are my weaknesses. But I don't know why because it doesn't really make you feel all that good. Once you're onto a healthy diet, you will feel a lot better and have more energy :) I'm a vegan so I should know what to do with vegetables but I've gone a bit blank! Let me think....

    I *love* stir fried vegetables - it is fast, quite cheap, and tastes great. You can really put anything you want in there. Also making your own veggie soups is a great way to pack in some good nutrients. Stir fried spinach is awesome... then things like steamed brocolli (i put it in the microwave with a little bit of water for a couple of minutes), grilled asparagus.... oh! You can make stuffed peppers or stuffed tomatoes - they are nice :) Put couscous and whatever else you like in them. Courgette is nice, you could chop into chunks and roast that in a little olive oil with a dash of salt and pepper or just steam it. You could make stew-type things, or lasange with vegetables as the filling and use less mince. If you have sandwiches for lunch then include some kinf of salad item in them or grated carrot.

    Go for wholegrain products when eating bread, pasta, and rice. I sometimes have white pasta as a bit of a treat but wholegrains are a lot better for you - they contain more good stuff, and also give you fibre. Some people don't like the taste as much, but I prefer it.

    If you eat cereal for breakfast then a good thing to do is sprinkle dried fruit over it (like cranberries - yum!!) and I also sprinke some seeds on there too. Or chopped fresh fruit.

    You mentioned salads.... I like the darker leafy kinds of salad and like to add things like cucumber, radish, grated carrot, sweetcorn, tomato, avocado, pine nuts (delicious!), raw sliced peppers (especially red and yellow ones).

    For your fruits.... you could make smoothies - there are lots of recipes for these around on the internet. Things like bananas, strawberries, frozen blueberries and so on work well in them.

    Good luck with the new eating style! I bet you'll feel great once you've quit the junk food :)
  6. Thanks everyone.

    Anastasia, that was pretty thorough. You didn't forget much. Thanks. I'm gonna re-read that, and tried to 'memorize' it. Chicken, eggs, frosted flakes... My mother used to make that. I'm no cook, I've never cooked anything in my life. But I don't think it's that complicated. You're summarized a lot of it in a few paragraphs.

    Chikepea. Thanks for the recommendations. Never thought about making my own soup. Cuisine is something that I would like. With all the TV shows on cooking that I watch. I love stuffed peppers! My father makes it. One of my favorite foods. Stew is good. I wanna learn to make these different things. Like, Chili, I only had that once, and I loved it.

    I'm gonna re-read that, later on, and look up the different things you've mentionned that I haven't heard, and tried to memorize some of it. It's pretty thorough. I'm dyslexic, didn't absord everything in your posts. I appreciate the responds. Thanks.