Just a bad day

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First off.

Okay, so I had an absolutely horrid day. Even though its friday! After getting into a huge fight with my dad over my attempt to drop a level down in chem because I'm FAILING. and his argument is that it'll look bad (me switching) come time for college. What's gonna look worse is the huge fat F! I'd rather coast through an honors class then flounder and struggle in an AP class just because I MIGHT get college credits and save myself a couple grand.... and after him outright yelling at me, and me taking off to lock myself in my room absolutely balling.. he didn't even talk to me.. he didn't even look at me! for two days.. and now, it's like it never even happened.. no mention of ANY OF IT! artggggg

Well anyways, another test grade back.. I managed a 59 (out of a possible 100) tho, the plus side of that is that I got the high F... woohoo.. party time right? pshh.

So I'm also officially scarred for life... I got to eat lunch while the entire table (maybe 8 or 9 girls and one guy,, dont ask) told me how my dads drop dead sexy :blink: WTF?!? he's like.. 40.. more than twice our age.. and they think he's a DILF (to quote) and for those who don't know the *ILF thing.... the * for what ever it is.. and Id Like To Fuck. HOW SICK!!?!?!?? that's like... ahhhhh :dry: Not only does my lunch table think this.. but my spanish class and the varsity bball team.. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PPL.. ok.. hes my DAD! ahhhh

ok. I'm done belly aching..

Not open for further replies.

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