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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Lethal Photography, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. Lethal Photography

    Lethal Photography Well-Known Member

    It's all just been getting worse. I am now failing my classes because of the time I missed when they sent me home, and I don't even want to be here in the first place. I've stopped leaving my dorm except for class and work. Yesterday I ordered seeds for a very poisonous plant, I'm going to grow that and then I'll finally get out of this mess.
  2. purplefizz

    purplefizz Senior Member

    Please don't do that, hun. There are other ways to get out of this mess. Your options are limitless. You could go to a therapist, make small changes and keep studying, drop out of school and move somewhere, find a support system, etc. I don't know what else is going on in your life, but it's nothing that can't be improved. :hug:
  3. Lethal Photography

    Lethal Photography Well-Known Member

    I want to drop out of school and focus on my music, but my parents won't let me. I have no other options because my parents won't listen.
  4. notwanting2live

    notwanting2live Well-Known Member

    if you feel that music is your passion sweetie, you should try it part time. dont give up education though. i did that mistake and i fucked up big style. please think about not giving up, becuase there are people can help you, and people who love and care bout you. even on this forum x

    All the best sweetie. here if you need me x

    Xx Sky xX
  5. Lethal Photography

    Lethal Photography Well-Known Member

    But I'm 16. I don't have to be in college yet. I can take two years off, can't I? No, not according to my parents. "16-year-olds should be in school". Damn it, i'm done with high school, I should be able to decide about college.
  6. colt45

    colt45 Well-Known Member

    When you go to college it is all going to be about you. you are #1 and yoiu must do what is right fo you.
  7. Chernarus

    Chernarus Well-Known Member

    thats a nasty way to go out and you'll probley just end up in some ER and have em pump out your stomach. I have friends that have a band and there still going to school just finish high school its not that bad really. Most jobs in the U.S. wont touch you not even Mc Donald's.
  8. Lethal Photography

    Lethal Photography Well-Known Member

    I did finish high school. I'm in college.
  9. Theory

    Theory Well-Known Member

    You got me going scared sweetheart. I had misunderstood what you said about seeds before... talk, pm me, ill call you. just dont!!! Dont take those seeds!
  10. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Have you asked for make up work? you say you isolate in your dorm so why not do something constructive with you time alone? Just a thought, I shouldn't be giving you advice because I never finished high school because my parents kicked me out of the house when I was seventeen. Other than being in the military I have had shit jobs all my life.Stay in school it will pay off! So what if you have to repeat a year. Education is really important now adays. Even the shit jobs I had want to see those papers before they will hire you. Good Luck To YOU!~Joseph~
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