Just a mild rant about today

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    Just got home a while ago from the suicide prevention center, up here it's called CPEP. Had an appt this morning with my therapist, didn't go well, I just cut myself up too much over the weekend, really didn't think I was suicidal but they had the police come and escort me to the hospital. Spent 12 hours there, luckily they let me go.:lone: I know we've all had worse times, but it was out of the blue, sigh, now I'm even more confused what to do. They told me there to go back to my old meds, which at least made fell so-so, not as low as I have been feeling. Unsure if I should call up my therapist about that or what to do...just a mild rant, I never do it enough, just wanted to get the day off my chest. Gonna be up for a while trying to satisfy my nicotine and coffee addictions, sorry about the useless thread.:unsure:
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    I think you should definietly call your therapist let him or her know what has happend. always good to keep lines of communication open especially if changes are being made. Glad you were able to rant and hope your day goes better take care
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    Thanks Violet,:biggrin: today was much better, started taking my old meds and will hopefully have the new ones adjusted by Friday, just wanted to blow off a bit of steam.:lone: