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just wanted to let everyone know whats going on.

I have met a wonderful woman,i spent 7hrs on the phone
with her.

she is 5yrs younger than me and everything i could ever want
in a woman,but i'm scared that my depression and my previous
suicide attempt in addition to the fact that i really have nothing
to offer her except my love will doom it to failure.

She has said that she doesn't care about money or material things
but i takes money to live and to grow a relationship doesn't it?

Only thing is if i had her it would take away all my fear and depression
and i know i wouldn't have to think about suicide anymore.

so maybe i should go ahead and kill myself instead of drawing this great
wonderful woman into a life of nothing and poverty.

God why can't i just have love and happiness? i want her so bad..but
theres another kicker, she is the virtual twin of my ex,i don't know if
i unconscionably did that or if its just fate.

ali 56

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Money does not make you happy, happiness from the soul as you seem to have could make this a very special relationship and then everything else will fall into place. Go with the pace and enjoy the good feeling you have now without worrying about the future. Good luck and take care Ali


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It does take some money to live, but money isn't everything. You don't have to have much money to have true happiness. My suggestion would be to keep talking to her, see where this leads. Don't rush into anything, but let things happen naturally.


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It sounds like you've met the perfect woman. I'd kill for a someone like that.
Give it time, see what happens and savour every moment.


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I have been in your situation many times, and I have failed for exactly the same reason you are scared of. But I think if you forget about all the negative things and focus on the positives and really give it a shot...it might work out for you. But if you meet her with the kind of attitude you are writing here...its doomed I am afraid


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Nothing says you have to tell her about the suicide attempt..Depression she will probably be able to handle..I say go for it.. She may turn out to be the woman of your dreams.. Don't let the resemblance of your ex and her matter..I wouldn't move in together just yet.. Wait and see how things work between you and her..
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