just a question :)

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I'm sorry for interrupting your posts about TDM future competitions (congratulations TDM :smile: ,
but I want to ask
how do you like my new avatar? (I like it VERY MUCH and before I've found it I really wanted to have a horse as avatar:laugh: I've drawn a little horse myself but it wasn't as beautiful as this one:biggrin:
I'm just very glad and want to share these positive feelings with you :smile:
Hope I don't sound stupid....?

I don't usually check this forum, so even *my* replying was a bit random lol. Just give it a little time :)
It *is* cute though :biggrin:
...but not as nice as mine :tongue:

Getting By

I have a secret love of My Little Pony. I say secret because it's one of those 'girly' things I don't usually go for. But when I was kid I wanted every My Little Pony thing in existance.

I think it's cute and it reminds me some good memories playing with my Little Ponies in my room.
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