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Just a question...

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Do you feel bad about yourself when you read some posts?

Sometimes i just start thinking about my life when i read some posts and i panic... it makes me want to kill myself even sooner... because it makes me feel so conscious....
I can´t hardly write on the keyboard... my hands are trembling...


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I sometimes feel really depressed after reading the forums. I feel sorry for and worried about everyone and feel guilty about all the threads that i have not managed to reply to.


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I suppose I feel somewhat hopeful that at least the people posing are coming to this site. Even the posts that say they want to kill themselves or that they are going to do it, I know they are really not, otherwise they wouldn't post about it. They are crying for help, which is a good thing I guess...better then not crying for help.

Also in a cruel way it can be comforting, I guess it is like the quote "misery loves company". I don't wish pain on anybody, but I will admit when I read a post and someone seems to be in a similar situation as me (or worse situation), it is somewhat comforting to know that I'm not the only one. That I am not alone in all of this. As bad of a person as that makes me, that’s how I feel a lot of times.

I don't think a post makes me anymore depressed then I already am when I am logged on here though.


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Yes, some posts by others make my problems seem less significant. Sometimes like I dont deserve to feel bad. But I know deep down we all justify our own feelings.

I guess I will re-itirate here a little of what I have said elswere... I post here because to me its a place to "Let it all out" as the name implies, and I feel others are doing the same. I think there's nothing wrong with it as long as people try to keep it as clean as possible. I even realize some things just cant be made pleseant.

Here we get feedback from eachother.

Here we have a mirror that is not a perfect reflection of ourself but of (ourselves) all of us who are in a similar state of mind.
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