just a rant-no need to read

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i know if im hungry..i know when i want to eat.
im 19 what makes you think you know better than me?
stop pushing food into me! stop it stop it stop it
i dont want toast-so just LEAVE ME ALONE!!


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Hey you dont need to save people hun!!!Most of us are more than happy to listen and reply and im so glad to see you reaching out for to us!Many of us know how hard that can be.Hugs if wanted.We are here for you.

To be honest ive had issues with food previously but not to the extent where eating has become a real real problem for me or to the stage where id define it as being eating disordered really.So i cant totally relate.But i think it must be very frustrating for you and make you feel worse when you feel you are being put under so much pressure sometimes.Do correct me if im wrong.

im sure people are only doing this cos they care and they really want whats best for you.But unfortunately i know first hand from my own experiences in other areas of life that sometimes when i feel put under pressure and/or actually being put under pressure to do/not do something i am really finding difficult all the additional stress that adds sometimes pushes me the opposite way and i become worse not cos im consciously trying to be rebellious i dont think but often simply cos i cant deal with the pressrue on top of hte problems i already have.

Sorry this has probably been little use to you and me just waffling.i just wanted to say i hear your frustration and feel free to PM me if i can be any help or you ever want to talk more.It would always be good to hear from you.Sorry i dont feel ive managed to be much help.

Oh sorry finally i just thought is there any chance you could pick a quiet time and try and have a chat to these people and say you really appreciate their caring but how all of this is effecting you etc?Just a thought.

Sorry this is a miessed up post.i will stop now.

Please take care and best wishes
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