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    Fucking job market rant :(

    When I can't get a job in exactly the same position I've been working for the last 5 years, and otherwise no-one gives you the fucking time of day, what on earth are you supposed to do?

    Everything beyond the most mundane call centre work and shop sales needs experience. Even fucking assistant-vice-deputy-trainee-peon administrator or marketing roles need 2 years experience in the exact field, and there's no way to get that experience unless you're willing to be slave labour... or an 'intern', to give it it's government sanctioned name. I mean fine, there's more demand for jobs than supply, so just get a shop role right? Wrong. You see, I was stupid enough to actually want to move forward in my life so got a degree, which turned out pretty decently, so no regular shop role will hire you, as they will assume you'll want to move on in 6 months if you find something better. All I want to do is work, earn some money, and work my way up to something that'll be a career. I don't care if it's an entry level position, as long as I can work my way up. I don't even care if it's just paying minimum wage, as long as there are opportunities to go up in the company.

    What pisses me off most though is when I nail it you know, when I go in to an interview, tick absolutely every box they require and then some, and they still don't get back to me. I mean I know when I've screwed up in an interview, I've done it enough times, but I also know when I've got so much more than they need, could really provide significant benefits to the company, and absolutely nail everything asked of me, but then they don't even have the decency to get in contact with me as to why I didn't get the role. I mean, if a company treats people that badly, I don't really want to be involved with them, but it just frustrates me so much. I don't know, maybe I look like a freak, I mean I know I've got long hair, but fuck it it's not the 1930s, so what if a guy has long hair? And I'm overweight, but I'm not applying to be a damn swimsuit model or something. Screwing all the self-esteem shit, all the stuff that makes me hate myself, and when I'm not dragged down by that, I know I'm reasonably intelligent, very quick to learn stuff, can use pretty much any standard computer system with a blindfold and one arm tied behind my back, I know my stuff when it comes to business and particularly online business (though I wish I knew more coding or java or something, because at least there's occasionally work in those). I mean I don't even have any mental health stuff on any of my medical records if they ever get that far and check, and I know that stuff shouldn't put people off, but probably does, but have managed to avoid doctors completely to make it happen.

    I know, I know there are probably a million little things I could do to change things, I'm not stupid. Right now all I want to do is shout and lash out at myself, so better to try to post that here until it subsides. I set myself a goal of six weeks to find a job, thinking that hey, it might not be something ideal, but I'll at least find something in that time. It's one of those goals you don't even question that you'll be able to get done, but right now with everything else in my life falling down around me, I don't know if this isn't just the final straw that'll set me off to do something stupid. Am just not in a mood to think productively about any of this right now though, so rant rant fucking rant and all that shit.
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    i experienced this in north america. i think this is why i resulted to alcohol back then.