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    Found out from a co-worker that I have been let go from my job.

    To give some background I was told by the CEO that I was going to be placed on furlough for a few weeks , my benefits would be in effect and that they would call me back. So I applied to Unemployment Assistance waiting for the call back. Now my friend was told that I wouldn't be back even though they need someone with my skills. So all I know is that my med insurance may not be in effect. The CEO is about a month behind in paychecks for me and based on his performance in the past toward other former employees he may not pay at all. I'm running scared esp if he tells UA that I'm ineligible.

    I'm scared. I suppose he put me on furlough instead of telling me I was done so he wouldn't have to pay severance (if any) and my accrued vacation pay.

    I don't want to die. I just want to work and get by in life. So not only do I have to worry about being alone during the upcoming holidays I have to worry about feeding myself and my daughter.
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    I don't have anything useful to add but wanted you to know I read your post and feel sorry for what you are going though, I hope you will be eligible... best of luck and know someone cares! :hug: