Just a rant.

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  1. Directed towards my 'oh so wonderful father'.

    Oh, so you buy me a braclet and give it to my sister while SHE visits YOU and YOU don't even fucking invite me down or even CALL me for the last god damned year. WHY DID YOU GIVE ME FIFTY POUNDS TOO? THINK YOU CAN BUY MY LOVE? NO! I'LL NEVER FALL FOR THAT AGAIN! I'M NOT GONNA BE BROKEN BY YOU, NOT FUCKING AGAIN! :mad: So you can take your fucking money, your gifts, your oh so wonderful life and fuck off outta mine. I'm sick of you messing with me. I've had ENOUGH of that now. SO FUCKING MUCH! I hate you. I wish you never came back into my life. I wish you burn in hell, forever, and eternally suffer the same way I have since knowing YOU, YOU! are my father. Or were. Never fucking speak to me again you dickshit asshole. I can't BELIEVE you could think you could BUY my love, BUY into my life again, forget that. Usually this'd be the thing my sister would say but looks like you've bought her already! Thanks. You've turned her into me now. The way I was when I came home from visiting you. What you done to her, the same as you did to me? Fucking cruel dickhead. I hope you rot away. If you take my sister away, I will kill you myself. Don't think I'm lying you fucking idiotic prick, I will kill you. I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU! SO DON'T FUCKING THINK I WON'T, DON'T FUCKING THINK I BLOODY WON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Urgh, sorry, my 'father' who abandoned me last year gave my sister a present for me. He gave me a braclet and fifty pounds. It's his way of saying 'I want to torture you again, let me buy you back', if you don't know the full story, he was never a good man. He stole from my mom, harrased her, tried to kidnap me when I was FOUR, then he kidnapped me when he came back to the UK since he LEFT for YEARS then DECIDED to come back and torture me and my family again. HE BRAINWASHED ME, HE HURT ME, HE TOLD ME HORRID THINGS, HE WAS A MEAN NASTY LYING AND STILL IS THING! I hope he burns and rots. He has caused alot of disruption in my life. He has abused me, he has lied to me, he has hurt me both inside and out, he has attacked my mom, and now I bet he's thinking of doing the same as he did with me to my sister. I'm so cheesed off. I hope he realizes one day the opportunity to actually have a bond with me has vanished. He has done more wrong than anyone I've ever known. I wish he never came back. He has done more things, but he just... urgh, pisses me off and disgusts me.


    I'm sorryyyy.... urgh. He just, gives me a present after a year of NO CONTACT and after telling me he hates me blablabla, and thinks I'm okay with that? THINKS THIS TIME I WILL COME BACK TO HIM AND LET HIM DESTROY ME AGAIN? Urgh, maybe when I'm more depressed and think of myself as nothing I will, merely because I deserve the hurt, he is a good man sometimes, but more bad than good, that's all that really bothers me, what he did, how he did it, what he is doing, what he has done, urgh...

    Sorry guys. :(
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    Glad you felt safe to rant here Sarah. :hug:
  3. I'll always feel safe here.
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    you're always welcome to rant here. i know i sure as hell do. good to know this is a safe place,huh? keep ranting. it helps:)
  5. :) yeah i like feeling safe. this is where i feel safe.. more or less. so yeah. :)
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    I'm glad that you feel safe here hun. :hug:

  7. TDMMMM!!!!!!!!!
    :hug: !
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