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    hi, hope you don't mind if I ramble on a bit here, but I'm in a bit of a state right now and well, it's not as if anyone else is gonna give a damn. I just feel really...alone at the moment. Don't quite know how to explain it but I feel like I could kill myself today and very few (if any) people would give a toss. And to be honest, these social networking sites like myspace & facebook don't really help much either, just makes me even more depressed looking around and seeing everyone getting on with their lives, and having fun, out drinking with their mates, and showing each other love. And me...well, I'm stuck here. Even when I try to say hi to certain ppl, they're too stuck up...think they're so high and mighty that they can't even say hi back. I really just think that I should give up and just live in my room from now on. I mean, I used to come on here to get away from reality but it just seems to follow me everywhere now. Was talking with the gf last night and even she seems like she's getting bored of me too lately....well, she kinda said so, said "I'm getting bored now, love you, bye" and just logged off. I honestly don't think there's anyone I can turn to anymore, except my mum & dad but they'll probably start babbling on about going out and making friends...yeah, right, like I'm gonna go looking for friends around Dewsbury....chavs and terrorists, that's the only sort of ppl who live here. I dunno...I've just never been so close to pulling a knife out or w/e, and just trying to end it. Feels like ppl look down on me everywhere I go, and I'm just a complete loser who's so pathetic that the only way I can get a girl is online. I just wish I had a REAL friend, someone who wasn't gonna get bored of me, or look down on me or ignore me or w/e. Someone who I could go out drinking with and just have a good time. I feel really fucking left out right now...I just dunno what to do anymore. Anyway, sorry for the rant, I'm just desperate to tell someone how I'm feeling right now.
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    Hi Sean. Don't say sorry for ranting here, after all this forum is exactly for that, for ranting, letting out things. I hope it helped at least a tiny bit to write your thoughts down. :hug: