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  1. Lowcorn

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    so my girlfriend and i got a place. then she turned into a very negitive person. then she wanted to go home. wasent freeking happy. i did everything i could to make the apartment a nice place. she dident ahve to do anything. now shes back at home. were still together. im so fucking lonely here. i go through spounts of anger and hate. i randomly loose my temper over a game or that i cant open a jar. im tired all the time yet cant sleep. I try telling her how i feel. atempt to put into words. nothing. i feel used. i feel abused. i fucking hate people. hate life. hate my apartment. im so lonely. i try to find solice in cartoons. i call family. i call friends. nothing. i cry at night for no reason. whats wrong with me
  2. Locket

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    hun there's nothing wrong with you, it's understandable that the situation you're in has left you feeling like this :hug:
    maybe you could try asking her to try living with you again.
    do you know why she got negative and wanted to go home?
    good luck hun
  3. kidB

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    lowcorn, i know the feeling. girls are a pain in the ass, and hard to deal with sometimes.

    how recently did this happen? it's natural to be upset about it, especially when you're by yourself. i know the feeling.

    but, you can't neglect yourself. are you still doing things in your life that you enjoy? are you going out with other people? i'm not saying that's a must, but having other people to at least talk to really helps, and is a good way to get your mind off things.
  4. Anime-Zodiac

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    Hopefully this phase will pass. In the mean time, keep doing things you enjoy like hanging out with friends, etc.
  5. Lowcorn

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    my problems is i moved out to california for school and i havent made any friends out here yet. She moved out just before thanksgiveing. i dont have alot of thinks i can do out here :-( cept mess round on my comp.
  6. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    What about joining a club of some sort. It will get you out and around people.