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  1. Rayne

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    If we don't have any money, why are you still smoking? I gave up to make things easier for us! And what, I'm not allowed to buy hair conditioner now? Are you kidding me? I'm sure thats setting us back an absolute fortune.. maybe if you'd actually go to work we wouldn't be in this crap. You can't keep turning up hours late, they're going to fire you and then whats going to happen to us? I can't believe you spent the money - MY money - without asking me. I would have given it to you, you know I would have. Why take it? Even when I cry you don't try and help me. You just start weeping and I can't take it, the guilt is killing me. I never really had a father, so I don't deserve a real mother either? Why can't you be strong for me after I tried so hard to help you? I wasn't even ten years old when this started, and you promised me years ago that you were getting better and everything was going to be fine. Why lie to me? It must have been three years ago now I first asked you for help and I didn't deserve to be spoken to like that. Like I was lying. I wanted to see the doctor.. wasn't that the right thing to do? I've worked so hard to get through this by myself. I find a community of supportive, kind people.. and you try and take that away? I don't understand what you want from me. I'm so sorry I'm like this, I keep telling you I'm trying. Why do you call me "perky" like its a bad thing? You don't want me to be ill. You don't want me to be happy. I don't understand what you want from me. I just think it might help if one person in this damn house had a positive attitude for once. And yes, okay, yesterday I WAS in a good mood. Genuinely. For the first time in a long time, too. Whats so bad about that? Why do both of you sneer and look down your noses at me like that?

    I lied when I said your boyfriends didn't annoy me. And this guy is just.. urgh. I try and get on with him, so why is he so rude? Does he have to make jokes like that?

    Ughh. Right, okay. Sorry SF, just needed to get that out of my system.

  2. innocencexisxlove

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    :hug: it's part of what SF's here for hun :wub:

    and we love you no matter what,
    so let it all out<33
  3. Rayne

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    Thanks Rach :) But I'm okay, really. Just over reacting, probably, as usual XP

    Ly xo
  4. Confusticated

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    Not overreacting at all, you're family should support you, not look down at you. You'll always have friends here though, and no matter what happens, or what they say to you or how they act, they'll never be able to bring you down. Remember that as hard as you can, because it can be that way.
    Always here for ya now, not getting rid of me x]
    Hope you're ok
  5. Petal

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    :hug: Lela!

    They should support you more :( I'm sorry they're acting this way!

    Lots of :hug: and :wub: for you :)