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Just A Rant

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Today just wasn't my day today. My mom has been talking about moving houses for awhile now because she hates the house we live in and she hates my stepdad. A few months or so ago she kept dragging me to these auctions on houses yet she never 'bid' (?) or anything. We looked into a small house just last month and today I find out that she bought this house and we're moving. She warned me ahead of time that she was planning to move soon and even started packing up things in boxes.

Personally I am pretty upset by this. I know a lot of people out in the world are having their houses foreclosed and are trying everything they can to make ends meet so I'm definetley not trying to sound selfish or conceited or anything at all. However, I basically grew up in this house and I still absolutely love it. Although me and my stepdad were never the best of friends or anything I think that I'll miss him somewhat. Everything is just happening so fast and all my family keeps telling me is either "You don't have a choice," "Your opinion doesn't matter," or "You'll love this house more!!!"- yes because those are helpful words to say when talking to a girl who suffers from depression. My mom just keeps telling me that I can either:
B. Live with my dad and his girlfriend (who hates me)
C. Move away on my own (not an option for me right now)
D. Stay here (which my stepdad would disapprove of greatly)

So I'm stuck with option A. It just sucks that this has all happened in a span of 3 or so months and I cluelessly didn't see it coming or thought that it was never actually going to happen.

Today when I was at college a few other thing happened such as getting called stupid in my history class because I didn't understand something (history is my third choice to major in so that offended me a lot), getting excluded from my literature group because they wanted to meet up at 1:00 when I had a class (which got cancelled) and told me that "My help wasn't needed because I have lame ideas and offer nothing to the group" (writing is my secondary choice for a job. The kid who told me this is a guy who does absolutely nothing but complain and does nada to fix the problem.) After these things occured along with a few other incidents, I was contemplating strongly about xxx we have at the college for a good 20 minutes or so but as you can clearly see I did not follow through with that idea. I seriously think that if it wasn't for talking to one of the only friends I have at college beforehand I would have done it. I doubt anyone would have even noticed until I hit the ground.

I know my reasons for wanting to do this may seem odd to some of you but honestly I just wanted to come here to get these feelings out.
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You have every right to rant...you are being uprooted and at the same time these morons yucked in your cereal! That is not a good day...hope later is better...J
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