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just a start

i knew you my whole life. you gave me life. didn't you ever think that when i had a child they would want to me you? or wheni got married you would want to be there for it? i can't completely understand. i have felt that way once before but i never felt so strong i would want to walk out on the people in my life. maybe you didn't even do it. maybe that a hole you were with set it all up. right when we would understand each other (possibly) you just left me. i dont think about it a whole lot now that it has been 4 years this october. i cant believe it's been 4 years. i can't talk long. i would like to do it more often. there's alot more i would like to say, on another day.


i wish your grand-daughter got to meet you. you would have loved her so much. tomorrow is a new day, i wish i could have told you so.
thank you. im just getting used to this.. i like how the website has respectful restrictions. like i said i dont think of this matter often... but it has obviously causes quite some grief in my life... i will be posting more and thank you for the welcome.


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