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I don't know why am I writing this,what to write, nor what i plan to get out of it. since i was 12 years old (which is a bit over six years now) i have thought of ways to commite suicide, when i was in year seven i had my suicide planed and my note written, not much has changed since then. i still cant get on a bus without sitting infrount of the glass on the off chance the bus would stop suddenly and id go flying through it or walk down the street without telling my self to jump in frount of the next car, i dont think i need to give any more examples. i dont no how to live like this but the thought of putting my family through my death is a bit to much to bare. i need to get help but it is alot harder to find a counseller of the same sex that isnt triple my age. the world we live in is so evil and currupt and money hungry i want to no how the rest of the world finds a way to get out of bed in the morning i want to no if im just crazy or if the rest of the world thinks like i do and keeps quite like me, maybe that is what craziness is speaking what no one else will


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One effective way of finding a therapist is going to a uni that has a PhD program in Clinical Psychology and seeing if they have any referrals...one of the worst ways is the telephone book...ask around and see if anyone you know is fond of the person s/he works with...good luck finding someone and plez let us know if we can be of any help or suppport...big hugs
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