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Its so hard to live just because other people want you to.
There are always responsibilities in our lives that would drain our energy. It's even worse in a pandemic, where you are stuck at home with a lot of things to worry about. I guess people are just way too busy for a simple sign of caring like "How are you, today?"

I'd say live for your sake and say "no" to others' demands. Anyways, how are you, today? To be honest, don't answer that question with "fine" if you are not really fine. I don't think anyone on this site is "fine". Most of us want to die all the time, not "fine" at all.


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It is hard. In the long run it's better to find and remember reasons that *you* want to live. Those will be different for everyone. Probably the people who care about you would be on that list, but also hopes and dreams, or even simple pleasures.


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Its so hard to live just because other people want you to.
same just same. all those you have this to live for that to live for or it just gets better after a while I mean like if things just getter better wouldn't it have already , doesn't that mean life is going to be terrible and u have to wait that long to get better? *sigh* please don't take what i say to heart
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