just a vent

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  1. yes i know that i act like a kid allot of the time.thats just me. its my personality. i cant help it. you think i like being the way i am. i dont. you say you know now why i dont have any friends .dont you think it hurts when you say that? i know im weird i dont need anyone to tell me. you think i dont know why most people dont like me. get real!!!! i cant change it ill never be able to understand other people. i'll always be a little "off". i dont need anyone reminding me. it hurts more when it comes from you. sure i have some friends but you are one of the best. you say i cant open up to you. well when i do you just brush me off. sometimes i just feel like i cant understand anything going on around me. likes its all just one big cloud of information i have to decipher and none of it is in english. sometimes the only thing i can do is rely on my friends to tell me what is going on. i trust you soooo much. i know i cant make it without having others to rely on. im not capable of that i never will be. im gullbile, im inexperienced, etc i hate that but i cant change it. you are such a good friend but it hurts that you cant understand any of this no matteri how many times i try to explain it. people dont have to belong in a home to have mental problems. sometimes we just need help cus thats the way god made us. i do have problems most of the time i act normal but i still have them. i dont need you rubbing it in when they appear. i luv ya and trust you so much. i have to. i dont know what i would do without you. i thank god every day that i met such a good friend. but i just wish you could understand and that i could talk to you about it. it hurts that i cant.