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    I cant shake it. Maybe because I made a promise to myself. Maybe because the date is definite but yet so vague. I dont know. The days just are. They come and they end. And each one seems the same as the previous. Everything sits there ready, but I made a promise. Even if it is just to me, I dont break promises, I dont lie. So I fight the urge to just do it. Keep telling myself that the day will come soon. That if I jump it I'll screw up my kids financally stable future. And that is all I have each day. So I exist but I dont. I dont know.
    But I do know I appreciate all the support and care that has been given despite my failure to return the same. You are what I define as true friends. Your pms and posts are deeply appreciated. Thank you.
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    Please don't screw up your kids emotional and mental future they need you not an inheritance of suicidal depression please remember you are to show them how to stay strong in all this dam confusion. they are confused and will need your love.