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Just An Awful Day Today, Esp. At Work

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I yelled at my Greek boss today, this little woman who can't speak much English. I gave her such an attitude. She is the main boss's wife. I think it scared her a bit. She seemed really upset about it, too.

I doubt I'll lose my job. But - I get overly paranoid about everything, literally.

I don't know.

<3 Amber
Frustration. Overly depressed. Didn't want to be there in the first place, and then b/c I am one of the better food servers, she sat me a family of 8 when I was busy serving 4 other tables, two of which were larger tables. I was just overwhelmed. My head wasn't in the right place, I woke up hysterical. I lost it on my loving boyfriend, even to go as far as to tell him to never talk to me again. I put him down so bad, and yet he deals w/ it. For some reason, that angers me more.

I feel bad for bitching her out. I just snapped.

<3 Amber


Antiquitie's Friend
Hope you can put the outburst behind you. Maybe asking the boss not to give you too many tables, or some help when you have 6!!! I know that can plague your mind and make you feel rotten and stupid. If you can, with your bf, try not to let your mouth go faster than your brain. haha, it is hard to do, but is effective. In my marriage, I would try counting to 10 or 20 in my brain to help calm me. It did not always work.

Don't beat yourself up. Everyone has bad days.
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