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just an observation

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by a-blue-butterfly, Oct 20, 2008.

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  1. you know; this forum suffers from false advertising... while here i have only come across 4 or 5 people who are serious about the SUICIDE part of this forums name. This forum is more like depressedandwantahugforum.com, wtf is that?? i come here looking to conversate with people who are actually suicidal, so maybe i wont feel so ALONE in my final months and all i find is people who are basically just depressed and want to call one another hun and give hugs. i read the same posts over and fucking over. "my boyfriend left me, booohoo, now i want to die" "i'm depressed and don't know what to do, should i take this bottle of tylonel!?" i realize this place is "pro-life" but none the less, i feel like a total outcast here, like i'm the only person who is truley planning to kill themselves a.s.a.p. i'm not trying to whine or anything, i guess this is just merely an observation, so take it how you want to. all i'm saying is i would love to find a place with people who are serious about the whole thing and people i can actually RELATE to but i guess apparently a place like that doesn't exist and i'm stuck here at the depressedandconsideringsuicidebutwillneverreallydoitforum.com. blahhhhhhh.
  2. daniel2

    daniel2 Banned Member

    Well - this is about putting a value on someone's pain. I noticed you seem to not make a connection between depression and suicide. Where on the suicide curve is discussion of value? I can guarantee you that there are suicidal people on here.

  3. I'm not stating the two arent connected; in fact it's proven that they are, it's just depressed or not no one seems serious here. that's all i'm saying, and when i first came across this website that's what i was expecting and hoping for. i know there are suicidal people here, but not nearly as many people who are *seriously* suicidal, if you understand what I mean by that. I'm not attempting to ridicule anyone, it's just an observation I've made ove rtime, and also something that dissapoints me because as I mentioned, I was hoping to come across more people who I could relate and converse with as opposed to feeling like an outcast.
  4. monkeypunchluff

    monkeypunchluff Well-Known Member

    I was "severely" depressed, and "seriously suicidal" for a very long time. Only recently moved back to a gray, and now hopefully onward to better things.

    I'm not currently contemplating, but I can still relate - if you want to talk, I'm here :)
  5. rootedphoenix

    rootedphoenix Well-Known Member

    I am and have been suicidal, I've just never made the "I'm gonna do it now" post. I had methods and everything.

    Trust me, you are not alone.
  6. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    I see and understand what you're getting at. But I must say, many of the people here started thinking of suicide, needed help and "Googled" "suicide forum" in order to try to seek help and to try to get rid of these suicidal thoughts. So of course, not everyone (or most people) here is 2 seconds away from ending it all.

    Some are, which is why there is a "crisis forum", so that people who are immediately in need can seek help urgently.

    I find the fact that so many people come here for help instead of writing suicide letters a good thing. This forum is here to help people who feel depressed, possibly suicidal and not in control of their emotions.

    It's a good site because it offers support. If one is looking for a site that is pro-suicide, those exist. This site is not one of them.

    Anything you need to talk about? Maybe you can find some comfort here too?
  7. kote

    kote Account Closed

    well what do you want us to say and do?

    many of us are seriously suicidal yet have found the courage to share and thus brings us down a notch.

    the people you are looking for are lying dead in the mortuary because they didnt spend the time to research their own particular sickness.

    now whats better? research and find common ground or go off blindly into the world.

    this site has particulary helped me. ive been down the dark road and almost, but to know im not a freak and that there are like minded people helps me personally back onto the road of sanity.

    yes im all messed up and i am not looking for cute cuddles and all that crap. but to know that we have common ground helps at least.

    if we could do a poll and see how many people this site has and hasnt helped we would know for sure.


    take care and stay with us as we need your support too.

  8. andyc68

    andyc68 Guest

    how do you judge who is serious or who wants help ? to say that your alone here with your plans belittles those who, in their own mind, are serious about their intentions but maybe have made an unconcious attempt to reach out to someone, anyone who has felt the same way and maybe, just maybe, find a way out.
    there is a strong link between depression and suicide, many suffer from depression or other forms of mental / physical pain for many years then take their own lives and i believe a high percentage was triggered by a relationship break down, was this person who went through said break down, sank into depression and after a period of time took their own life not serious?
    or do you believe its only the ones who suicide without telling anyone, not joining a forum like this one and whose action comes to a complete suprise to everyone who knows them?

    i may be wrong and i will admit to that but i think every member here has serious issues relating to themselves and are deadly serious with their intentions to end their own pain but in a way are looking to find another choice, and i include you in this aswell.

    everyones pain has meaning to them and some may not understand why they feel over something that another may say is not a valid reason.

    5 years ago my best friend went thru a marriage break up and took his own life, was he not serious about how he felt? were his reasons not valid to him or worthy enough to end his pain?

    i bet he would disagree with you.

    sorry to rant abit.
  9. notwanting2live

    notwanting2live Well-Known Member

    I feel this is offensive. everyone here has either depression or some sort of suicidal thoughts and feelings to be brung here in the first place. i was "google"ing suicide and this site popped up, at first i thought it was a pro-suicide site, but then realised this aint. yes at first i was dissappointed as this was not what i intended, but in a way im glad ive came here, as this is a strong virtual community, who support each other when they are having bad days/week/months etc... In the society today, suicide is just degraded to someone not being able to handle with life, but it is so much deeper. One of my mates dads just recently hung himself, he tried reaching out first but nothing could help him, as he wouldnt admit he had drinking problem, and now where is he - 6ft in the ground with his family and friends feeling the pain that he wanted rid of. if thats not suicide that you are referring to i dont know what is. People who commit suicide are usually alone, but sometimes people think they want suicide but then half way through jumping off a carpark, or swallowing aloada meds think wait i dont want to die, i just need help, and by then it is usually to late, they either die or become a veggie, which is probably worse then death [i wouldnt know as i only know one person that is veggie, and its not nice seeing him but he doesnt member much from his life before the carpark] and this causes even more pain to the family. Also you are saying that the name is not right, but have you read the small print that says "SF - A support forum for people in crisis". you need to understand that just becuase we all aint gonna jump off someting and die, doesnt mean that we aint suicidal or depressed. we're here becuase we dont like these feeligns, and the majoirty of us dont want to carry out our actions, or if we have, we didnt want it to end the way it has.
    Next time just read before you start saying that we aint serious. coz we are. we are serious about wanting to CHANGE our lifes.
  10. andyc68

    andyc68 Guest

    well said
  11. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    Hi blue-butterfly. I'm sorry that you think that people here aren't suicidal, but I can tell you, from reading posts and speaking to people in the chatroom, that a lot of people here are suicidal and have attempted suicide. I agree that not everyone on this forum is suicidal, but most people suffer from depression to some extent. Suicide Forum is a support form for people in crisis. I've already lost one SF friend to suicide and I know that a few others have died. People here are definitely serious about suicide, but they come here to get help and get better. And what's wrong with a hug? :hug:
  12. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Hey Blue btterfly,
    You need to go back and read some of the posts again because I guarantee there are alot of people here who have attmpted suicide!! I personally have tried and failed twice and am thinking of making the third time the one where I won't fail!! Get off your high horse, you know nothing of the people here. Put your mind in gear before you speak so you don't sound like a total idiot!!!
  13. SadDude87

    SadDude87 Well-Known Member

    Lmao, I completely agree.

    I'm guilty myself - I'm not truly suicidal.

    But the 'aw its ok hun xoxox' crap is so true
  14. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    It seems to me that some people feel enough support from cyber hugs and words of encouragement, while other people, like you, need more to think over in order to feel supported.

    I love discussions and ideas. Feel free to PM me. (Erm, just be forewarned, I love hugs and a few words of encouragement from time to time, too.) :hug:
  15. XXXXX

    XXXXX Antiquities Friend

    Whilst I am with you on the "hugs" thing :rolleyes: But I figure if it works for some, fair enuf. And of course folk vary, and no great surprise that depression and general unhappiness is a common theme......even if folk are not always posting with a loaded gun in front of them.

    Me "serious"?? Well, I don't post everything.........but this place is just one of the ways I keep myself alive. Even when I can't remember exactly why.
  16. Wow. I wasn't expecting so many replies to this but it seems some of you misunderstood me which is to be expected I suppose as I didn't entirely explain myself. Okay, first and foremost.... I am not trying to belittle anyones pain or say that someones reasons for membership of this forum arent "good enough" to be suicidal. Pain is pain, I know I made it came off that way in my first post which after re-reading is a little harsh but I'm not saying anyones reasons for suiciding or wanting to suicide aren't valid. Okay, secondly... what I mean by "serious" about suicide is that you are NOT looking for any form of comfort or support, you have made you're decision and it sit's firmly, day in and day out, so you aren't looking for hugs, or support or "help" basically... in other words you have no desire to be rescued in any shape or form. You have made you're choice and that's it. This is what I consider "seriouslly" suicidal. People who are in the process of getting their affairs together and closing any and all open doors, people who's guns are cocked and loaded and they are ready to go basically. I am not saying that these people don't exist here, it's just there are not all that many.... I came here hoping to find a pro-suicide place, not looking for support or anything, although I admit, I have given and received it here, but really what I was looking for is just friendship and conversation with other people who are in a similiar mindset so I wouldn't feel so alone in my choice. I have had my up's and down's yes indeed, but at the end of the day I always know what has to be done, it is always my number 1 priority. I don't want any hugs. I know I'm not alone here in this way, but it does often feel like it, I guess that's all this thread was really about. I should of been more gentle and considerate in my words, and I do apollogize for that. Ghost.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2008
  17. andyc68

    andyc68 Guest

    no one here will encourage your desire to suicide but i am sure if you want they will debate with you.
    methods withstanding write a post and see what happens.

    thank you for posting again and clearing the air.
  18. Yes, I have long ago realized I will get no encouragment here, lol. I'm not really looking for any though, either way, discouragement or encouragment my mind is made already. It would be nice though to find more people who wouldn't do either, a person who wouldn't argue it or anything, just understand and be a friend. :) Also, I don't need menthods, I also long ago realized that doesn't happen here and I've researched plenty on my own. Thanks for you're reply though and, your welcome... it wouldn't of been right to just abandon this post considering all the negative energy I generated. Ghost.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2008
  19. andyc68

    andyc68 Guest

    does that person need to be ready for suicide to be your friend, to talk and respect your decision ?
  20. What do you mean?
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