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Just Angry

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This is a rant of me being angry at the world.....

You know who I hate most in the world. Those shitty "do it your self" stupid people. Please allow me to explain what I mean. I am talking about those people who do not know anything about something, lets say a computer. So they come to me the expertish thing... and ask me why it does not work and how THEY can fix it. So after about 10 min. of me talking I they say "Well I don't get it" so I say "bring your computer here and I will deal with if for you" and they whin and bitch and moan and eventually consent.

Why do people have to be that way. If you called a doctor and the doctor said COME IN... wouldn't you? This is different and not at the same time. I mean geez I want to help people keep from destroying their computers... because lets face it 90% of people just have a computer to say they have one.

Which bothers the fuck out of me. We have 1000s of people using computers these days. A computer is a simple device really you do not need much of a brain to use it. Yet people say their computers are smarter than them. Which they are not, you see computers are the dumbest things on the planet they are just quick learners. The only thing that is smarter than you is the programmer of the computer software. But anyway, yes computers are simple and easy to use with very little thought or effort. What scares the PISS out of me, seriously this one time I had a nightmare and yeah ANYWAY, is these people who are saying their computers are smarter than them drive veichiles. Now correct me if i am wrong but you have to be a smart person to drive a viechle no? So if you cannot perform simple tasks on your computer how are you supposed to perform the complex task of driving a veichle? I just do not get it. And it scares me shitless realy it does... but then again ignorance shows...

Ahhh I was able to conclude sweet... this was long than I originally wanted it to be so thanks for listening.


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To be honest i think sometimes people either refuse to try and learn or they are just lazy. Learning take times and they want to know the answer right now instead of taking the time to gradually learn something properly. It bothers me too to see so many people like that.

I completely understand your rant, especially considering when you offer to fix someones computer for free there is no way in heck they should be complaining -.-

But yeah, some people, generally the older generation, grew up not using automated devices. They aren't used to simple things, and some people just aren't computer literate. I for one, I don't know many people that are, even my grandparents caught up with the computer generation...
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