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  1. shrugged

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    Last Friday my family held an intervention. Like always I didn't completely open up about how I felt and for a long time, I wonder why! The answer came as a shock. I don't want to give them the illusion that I can be saved:eek:hmy:
    I have no future. I have no friends. All I had left was school and Im failling my classes.
    My life is over. My sister said "you still have us" and I didn't dare to answer that it wasn't enough. What scares me now is that I think about suicide calmly, objectively. The only solution left to my problems.
  2. Chargette

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    By posting here, you just exercised a good beginning in solving your problems. Keep posting, get feedback from us, read the stories of others and you will find more solutions to your problems. Have you seen a doctor?

  3. shrugged

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    I have been to a doctor. It didn't help, all I did is complain so after a while I stopped going. That im failling school is what hurts the most. I haven't been able to move past it.