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just another monday

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Hi everyone,

Well for some reason i feel down today, i know i feel down because i'm bi-polar not because anything in my life is going wrong.

I feel really depressed for nothing and i simply dont know what to do.

I just want to lay under my work desk and cry until tomorrow but for no reason ... and no i'm not PMS'ing ... i'm a guy.

I've put all those suicidal thoughts behind me for good but i cant avoid those out of the blue downing sessions that still occur once in a while.

i'm so tired... but i'm still here.


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Have you been diagnosed with bi-polar? I always thought it was long periods of ups and down? It's good youve left those feelings behind but do tell someone if they come back. We all get blue days I guess, and it's not easy to think anything good about life when we do. Hang in there.


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yes i was diagnosed Bi-Polar. it doesn't have to be long periods. Bi-polar means basically either having epic highs and epic lows with no middle. You are basically either really happy or really sad with no middle ground to just be.

blah i dont know what i have today but i just feel like crawling in a black whole.

i just feel numb right now.
I know how frustrating those ups and downs can be malek. I am glad you put the thoughts of suicide behind you. Keep your chin up. You will make it through this down as you have before.


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Hi malek, don't give up! It can be very frustrating but there are many going through what you are. We are here to chat with you anytime you need to talk about it. My yahoo name is rayden291 at yahoo dot com in case you need to talk anytime.
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