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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by j0rd4n, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. j0rd4n

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    so i try not to post on these. this is my second time? im starting to get into the habit to feel more comfortable typing here. well obviously since im here i have some things on my mind. im slowly returning to the question, the most typical question asked by many, what is the point of life. whats the point of everything. i wouldnt be thinking of this if it were not due to a certain dilemma i have. as much as i want to say what it is i will not, and i am sure my problems in life are nothing compared to others. and yet im here complaining about it all. i have a loving family, a decent life. and yet im still complaining.

    tell me, if anyone reads this, what do you do when your sad or pissed? i find myself to think of suicide, which i will never come close to do. but i also do think of getting into fights. ive just been wondering what others do or think.

    but tell me, say you find something that brings you such great joy and happiness in life, so much that you look toward every day. and then when thats taken away from you, what do you do? its like your left alone again, just thinking how pointless things are. i cannot describe my true ideas, and im sure whoever may read this is interpreting me a wrong way. but yeah. its nice to talk here though, it just lets me know the fact that someone knows how im feeling. anyway, thanks for whose ever read this.
  2. Mortem

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    If you consider it a problem, it's a big enough problem and worth complaining about. Pretty much regardless of what there's always someone worse off.

    Sure you don't want to mention that dilemma of yours? I, for one, would be interested to read about it :p
  3. care4cats

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    Ya know, ya have to say to yourself, is it really that bad?? I say it often to myself. There are many people suffering that are worse off than we are, so I say I guess I'm lucky thats not me. Ya have to look at a positive side. If there isn't one then find one.

    What satisfaction would you get out of killing yourself? besides loosing your problems. You have to be strong! I have tried suicide several times 23 yrs ago. I lost my 6 month old son to SIDS. I'm still not over it and never will be.

    I have to stay strong for myself and my other kids.
    Please hang in there! If you need to talk I'm here.
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