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Just another rant

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Vehicle expenses. Root canal drilled through a new crown. The infection that necessitated the root canal being a worry for my replacement knee. My marriage. 2020.

I suppose I should listen to Mike Morgan and The Crawl..."Don't worry 'bout a thing, 'cause nothing's gonna be alright"

At least my latest C19 test is negative (regular testing where I work).

Keep on keepin' on. Take lessons from my kitties: find warm comfortable spots and take more naps. Sunshine is good.


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Just rant away, this is a fine place to do such and share and hear from others. Morgan reminds me of the old Looney Tunes saying of don't take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive.
I guess that I don't feel like I can connect with my wife, and I don't really have anyone else that is close, anymore. All of "our" friends are "her" friends.

That is why this place is such a blessing.

Another good song, Paul Thorn, "I Have a Good Day"...."I start believing the sun will shine again/I have a good day, every now and then"
Other than my domestic situation, things aren't too bad. Even that wouldn't be so bad, I suspect, if the stress of both of us being considered "essential" in the middle of an ugly situation weren't frothing at the top of the brew.

The docs tell me not to worry about tooth vs. knee, unless things really get ugly.

Potential C19 exposure from 2 people at work. It has been 8 days, so the odds are in my favor. The missus had a more brief, but closer encounter as well.

In spite of good advice from the kitties, I haven't quite got the "chill" skills down. Maybe I should try crawling through the Disneyland maze of boxes in my living room. Dimensional issues aside, perhaps I would gain a new perspective on life.

Well, I am Trying4Life. Still hanging on.
I hope you'll be ok.

I think they're supposed to be rolling out the vaccine. I'm guessing you'll be in a high priority group to get it, so I guess that's kind of good news.
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