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Just another suicide in the wind

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by chewbacca, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. chewbacca

    chewbacca Well-Known Member

    Nothing ever works. Vexed by pointless desire. Whats the fucking point. Everything is made of plastic. Its not even real. Where have I gathered this black karma. I think my black aura leaves a trail behind me, aura of disgust, psychoticism, bitterness, black black pitch black apathy. I hate women. The fucking useless, heartless creatures. I hate this fucking game. Its all just a stupid karmic game. Its like watching the world behind a glass. I know how it works. Fuck it. The fucking smiles. The fucking laughter. Fuck your laughter. I'm not even human. I'm so cold. Dead like a vampyre. Trapped in this animal of me. I'm so afraid of the chaos that will be unleashed once I'm dead. The fucking hopelessness of being sucked into another human being. Fuck this reincarnation cycle. Cease to exist is what I want. Fuck this flesh. Fuck this flesh. and most of all FUCK ALL OF YOU SIMPLETON CREATURES. Ignorance is a fucking bliss. Bless you. I wish I was a real person like you. When you hate everyfucking second of your pitiful, so called life, when every fucking spoken word hurts, its ..... fuck I'm so tired of crying. Weeping like a dog locked in cage. I hate this karmic bullshit. I hate you all. Every single one of you. Including me.
  2. imyouroldman

    imyouroldman Well-Known Member

    Man, I know about all of THAT! It's a stage I went through awhile back. Depending on what path you choose, you can make some sense out of your feelings of Hate. Bounce em off me if you like, cuz I hear you...
  3. chewbacca

    chewbacca Well-Known Member



    such useless .... things

    there were times when i had hope

    it wouldnt be so bad if i wasnt feeling like a useless pathetic autistic psychopath alien. talking to poeple hurts so fucking much. im fucked for life. when you look at a face of a girl and you see a skull covered with meat with holes stuffed with some weird material (eyes) YOU KNOW you are fucked. whats the fucking point of going any further in life. whats the fucking point to move out of bed. whats the fucking point to move. i wish i had the courage and desire to do something crazy while I'm still alive. You know, the stuff I always fantasized about but couldnt do cause its not normal. but I just dont care.


  4. chewbacca

    chewbacca Well-Known Member

    i see these poeple who have normal relationships with women and Im like.... where the fuck did THAT came from? how the fuck?

    i wish i was human. i wish i was an animal like you's.

    wish wish wish wish wishy wishy wish

    poeple in sudan are fucked cause theyre hungry and shit. i wish i was that fucked. sometimes, an enprisoned soul is worse than a suffering flesh. fuck you simpleton sudan poeple. now im just getting silly. im a fucking lunatic.

  5. cutiepie132

    cutiepie132 Well-Known Member

    I tell you where those normal relationships come from, from people who have the decency to treat each other right. A person that doesn't treat you right, man or woman, makes them a peice of shit. I know I am not that kind of person. Not all women are useless, heartless creatures. Do not judge us all for what some have done. I have been hurt too in my past relationships, and I would never do that to someone. Not to a man, or a friend, a family member, a stranger, not to anyone.
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