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Just Another...

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day that i cry away. AHa! im bored like really bored, bored of feeling like this, bored of having nobody understand. Just so bored. Bored of hating my family, bored of living for others... bored bored bored... I cant take all this crap anymore, its all too hard, im driving myself insane... today i had this daydream... were i had an arguement with my friend...which led me to getting into a fight, which led me to be arrested but i resisted.. and when i did the other policeman came and he was indian.. and i was like gett your fucking dirty paki self away from me your worthless then the shit i wipe from my ass.. which lead to me kicking a little child over...and a pregnant woman in the belly...and then me ending up on trial for it...saying well theres a first time for everything......HELLLOOOOOOO WHO IMAGINES SOMETHING LIKE THAT ? Well me evidently, my life is sure joyful...i forgot why i was writing this... ahhh ill probs just go and cry myself to sleep again... its what i do most nights anyway...everything is just soooo DIFFICULT NOW! Oh wait it always was...and i hate my family..i wish people would just start accepting that... i really would... ^_^ It would be amazing...so here is another senseless post... read it ? Wish you hadnt ? Oh well...
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