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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by clouds, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. clouds

    clouds Well-Known Member

    trawling the internet wasnt sure what I would find when I typed in suicide but Im here and it seems amazing to find a group of people open and able to talk about those terrible feelings and thoughts..I have a diagnosis of bi-polar and personality disorder and right now going through some really dark days
  2. Johnnyc

    Johnnyc Well-Known Member

    Well first off welcome, second off I sure hope we all can help you if needed.
  3. ZombiePringle

    ZombiePringle Forum Buddy and Antiquities Friend

    welcome to SF :)
  4. Confusticated

    Confusticated Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum. Hopefully you won't need to be around here for too long. There are quite a few people here who know exactly how all of this feels, so I'm sure you'll be able to find someone to talk to, or even find the forums you need, and get the help you need.
  5. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Just want to say hi and hope you keep posting so we can help and support you okay glad you reached out here.:hugtackles:
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