"Just Be Happy"

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    The most seemingly insulting kind of advice I get whenever I'm down or going through a rollercoaster of emotions. Is to just be happy.

    How can you simply be just happy? Or just be of any emotion? You just can't. As well as I've heard people telling others to "just get over it" when something tragic happens. Um, sorry to say but even in your well good intentions - you can come off as an asshole.

    So, just be happy. Even if you're getting kicked or getting insulted - just grin and take it, is that it? Is that the stupid advice I'm hearing? If things you know aren't getting better for yourself and that you know that it won't ever get better because you know there have been some things happened in your life that you wish you could change. As well as they have this ripple effect of forever reminding you that things can't just simply function the way they used to and interact with people the same way as before.

    Just be happy. No. I won't "just be happy". I'll feel whatever I want to feel just by gut feeling and how something legitimately makes me feel. Telling me to just be some other emotion despite what's going on is almost to a conformist type of ideal. Like you're not allowed to feel something else, so just feel whatever the next person is feeling.

    In fact, telling me to just be happy only makes me feel WORSE! There have been occasions where I've broke down crying because someone told me to just be happy after I've gotten through some hard times with myself or whatever else. I'm so tired of the well-intended fools coming to me and simply telling me to just be or I need to be and other bullshit. Fuck Off! You need to fuck off is what YOU need to do! Or how about JUST FUCK OFF!

    I am NOT you and you are NOT me and you certainly aren't some blessing in disguise, otherwise, you'd let me learn on my own about how I'm feeling and what it takes to get through it. Telling me what to just feel like, the damn nerve.

    This is part of the reason why I'm never happy...
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    people are too lazy and selfish to want to deal with others problems, so they try to brush it off whilst trying to look like a good person
    humans evolved from being selfish, that is what surviving and thriving revolves around, meaning that by nature, all humans are evil. it cant be changed.
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    I agree with your post. Two of the most annoying things to hear when you're feeling bad are, "Just be happy," or "Just get over it."
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    Obviously. People want to just save face so they can come off as the better person and people think no lesser of them. It's even more devious when everyone is not looking, people just quietly brush you away. I've been that person and I've been on the receiving end of that situation. It's very inhuman to me, in both accounts.

    Indeed and thanks. From my experiences, the best you can do for someone is at least leave them alone and the only time you should be there for them is if they're really considering on going on that permanent trip away from people. Stirring their emotions pot is not a good way to help.