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Just been molested! (will trigger)

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I have just been molested by a taxi driver and don't know what to do as last time i reported someone to police nothing happened. I can't reprt it to firm till monday as no-one in charge in. I am still trying to get over what happened 2 years ago and don't need this.
That's awful,please call the police and get those wheels in motion,they will get a female officer to comfort you. Do it for yourself and for other women too,men who think that kind of behaviour is ok must be shown by the police that's it's not.
My thoughts are with you x
You have to try and push those thoughts from your head,being abused in any way is not something should get used to. Have you got mum or dad nearby? Can you call anyone right now?


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I agree that reporting it to the police is the best course of action. It is not right that someone gets to hurt you without it at least being reported, sweetie. Your report might be the one that stops him from hurting others later.

Let us know what you decide to do. Lots of people here to support you.
TELL the police - this filthy beast is not going to be one-off - and will be on the look out for women because they are tasked with bringing you home from a night out.

Report him.

He is likely married - and in Lancashire - I have a feeling there - I know a lot of taxi drivers are foreign - the cops are cowards and need pushing to investigate - they would sooner women kept quiet so as to make the crime stats look good- which means women are not being warned about taxi drivers.

Please report it.

I am so worry you had to endure this - as a man it makes me quite sad that another man would do this - but - I'm am not that man so don't share any guilt there.

Just anger - but - we need the law as that is our way of making sure anger does not bring more injustice.

My sympathy to you.

Have you told anyone?

Well it would seem no-one around me gives a damn as to what has happened. So what chance have i got going through the right channels i am officially on my own for this one! I might as well curl in to a ball and hide away for the rest of my life not like anyone will notice.
Well - I'd notice and other members here also.

Tell me why you think this was you fault?

The way you dress?

The fact you were maybe drunk?

Do you know that the only thing that gives a man consent to be close to you - in ANY way - is your express consent.

So unless you actually gave any permission - you are NOT to blame.

And if you choose not to report it - then maybe the next girl who gets in is a lot younger than you and maybe the tactic will change - and she ends up more than assaulted - some girls are traded around - its seen as acceptable by their own backward rules which sadly the UK seems hell-bent on ignoring.

Please report it lancashirelass.

I'm sorry the people around you are not much of a help.

If this happened to one of my sisters - I'd go to the police and the taxi firm. I'd do a lot of stuff - not sure why an assault by a taxi driver is not taken seriously by the cops.

Get the name and number of the cop you spoke to - report him to his Chief Constable - report it to the media - and go to a solicitor or women's rape crisis centre - or similar women's organisations.

This is a VERY serious matter.

Any cop who does not take it serious is an idiot and needs firing asap.

But - as painful as reporting these crimes might be - women do themselves and other women and men an injustice by not reporting.

Must have been a horrible experience - more so when you get fobbed off.

Well you got my sympathy - and advice also. Hope you choose to report it but you could really do with a mate who would comfort you - listen to you - and go the cop station with a notepad.


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i agree with the other people, dawn. please go to the police if you can. i can understand having little trust in them or anyoneelse after previous experiences. you are not alone. people do care. this was not your fault. you did nothing wrong. im so sorry, dawn. if there's anything i can do let me know.
I was sexually assaulted (for the first time but not the last) a few years ago.. I never reported it because I had just run away from home, was very scared and confused..

Part of me always regretted it but somehow I carried on.. Then when I was at college I decided to report it.. It was too late but at least I had told someone.

Then just a few weeks ago, a female detective phoned me and said he had done it to more girls and asked me to give evidence..After I few weeks of thinking I got my bf to call her back and tell her no. She said she would ring back but hasn't yet..

So I really understand how you feel with the Police letting you down, they have let me down too. However you still have evidence and a stronger case, so please tell them. Trust me, I know how you feel.. But do it for all those women who can't and are not as strong as you

Please PM me if you need anything. Take care and stay strong <3 :hug: xx


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I think it has hit me , that andsome shit that happened today and now i want to sh or worse as i don't know that i can go through all those feelings again. I want to end all the hurt now.
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