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Just being a DICK

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I'm so fucking SICK of these back aches and migraines!!! FUCK!!! I'm sorry if I've been a DICK to anyone.. I'm not normally like this! grrrrr...... I just want someone to fucking KILL my back for me!!!! And take these DAMN MIGRAINES away while ur at it!! I'm Just so fucking BITCHY lately!!!


I need a FUCKING BREAK!! And I just want my back to stop aching and SHIT!! I've tried taking baths, ice packs, I got this back massager from my old foster mom and IT DON'T EVEN HELP!!! I just want the pain to go away!!!! :cry:

:rant: :tantrum:

Been taking some pain meds but FUCK!!! I can only take 1 ever 8hrs at MOST!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR... :blub:


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*killing dragons back* :mortdesinos:
I'm sorry you're not well....are you seeing a doctor about your back and your migraines?
I also have a bad back at times and suffer with migraines..they both suck!!
I hope you can get some relief from them soon :console:

would special exercises help strengthen your back? I don't know the circumstances of your injury..
I also find a magnetic back brace helps..and hot packs..


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Not sure the cause. Tho I have been carrying a backpack around on my back for 4+ years, like a purse. I NEVER leave my place without it.. Cept today x.x And I slept on the floor last night and seemed to help more then I thought it would.. urg.. I have had scans for the migraines and nothing has ever shown up. I'm thinking maybe the migraines and back aches are related. Tho not sure. Maybe stress and then the light sensitivity in my eyes doesn't help the migraines either. I have to wear sunglasses whenever I'm outside. :( I need to see my doc in 2 weeks anyway so yea.. Ill prob set that up.. Just getting so annoying!! Thanks for the reply.


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You have my sympathy for the back pain. I hurt my back about 2 years ago and I still remember how amazingly consistant back pain can be. I remember getting comfortable for a little while and then changing position ever so slightly and getting a lightning bolt of pain stabbing me in the spine.

You should try going to a chiropractor. Its expensive but as long as you go to a good one they can do wonders for your back. I still see my chiropractor every few months (and at £40 per 15 minutes thats all I can afford!!) and my back is stronger and my posture is better than its ever been.

As for the migraines, I hope they go away. Dont really know what to surggest for them.


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Well.. I would if I had the money. I seriously was looking into it. Tho I'm on disability income and in the USA they hardly give you even enough money to live on with disability. So If I did go to one, more then likely.. actually.. it would take all the money I have left this month, and I'm supposed to use that for food. :laugh: I don't really want to go hungry just so my back wont ache. Then my stomach will ache! xD


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couple of other tips I thought of..
if you're driving..get into the car back first and then twist both legs together to get around to facing to the front of car..saves twisting the back..
maybe your beds not firm enough..
physiotherapist is a good option if you can get that on disability..in our country we can get that for low cost on disability..

no suggestions for the migraines..seems we have to medicate and ride through them..:bash:

sorry you have to put up with all that pain...I understand how it sux!!:blink:


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I don't have a drivers license erm.. and really don't think I can drive. I think if I got my eyes checked now I wouldn't be able to. Simply walking, my vision changes a lot. Just depth perception mostly. Then the light sensitivities would make it hard too. Oh.. and I can't afford to buy glasses. Our country pays for a eye doc visit but not the glasses. :)

I'm not really thinking there is any physiotherapy covered under my insurance. The government here really sucks on disability and health care is shit in the United States. And I'm actually lucky, because pretty much if ur poor and don't have insurance in the USA and have mental health conditions, your basically screwed. Least it seems that way from what I've heard. Heath care here is so screwed up. I can't even get a dentist who will take my insurance. Haven't seen one in YEARS. Tho I will still google physiotherapists and see what comes up. Thanks! :)
i have severe back pain, too

i'm on disability and physiotherapy is covered here. check into it. the treatments are slowly starting to help. hope it's covered for you.

in the meantime, hug!!!


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I hear you on both pains,

Ive had migraines since I was 11, the first one I had I thought I was dying. I find that not much helps when its an active migraine, but do you know when they are coming on? I can pretty much always tell when Im going to get one (sometimes they sneak in) once I know that its coming, thats when i start medicating-I take vicodin for mine, I know that its not a good drug and you can become dependent on them but nothing has ever helped me.

I to have had back problems since my mom wrecked the car I was sleeping in the back, hatchback car. I would recommend a chiroprator but everyone Ive ever talked to say once you start going then you have to keep going to get readjusted, and its very expensive here (US) so Ive always skipped that option.

I have went through some physical therapy and would recommend that if its an option, they can teach you tricks to bring the pain down to bearable. Like I get alot of syatic nerve pain, and they taught me to sit on a tennis ball, which helps alot. Maybe they will have some ideas for you to.

I to get in a bad mood when Im in pain, dont know anyone that doesnt. Hope your feeling better and that the pain is giving you a break.


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Thanks for the reply's.. Urg.. In the morning it is a but more manageable with the back pain. I've been sleeping back to the floor. The migraines I've had since age 12 off and on. This year just seems to be the worst. It's more from the change in light and time of year. As well as technically I'm supposed to wear glasses. Tho I can't afford the glasses themselves. My insurance only covers the visit. So in 2 weeks I am seeing my doctor and going to see about the back pain and migraines and if there is anything they can do. I can't take a lot of pain meds. Allergic. Tho I have 1 that I have been taking that seems to stop the migraines before they become unbearable.

Anyway.. Thanks again.. And sorry to anyone if I've been a bit short or rude. :(


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i understand your pain...my mum suffered really bad with migraines all the time i was growing up and the last few years they have gone...go figure...
i have bad back as result of car accident...so i can relate to that....cant take meds a lot...have a freeze gel that takes the edge off...but the thing i have found helps the most is yoga...how phugged up is that. mental health peeps take me for relaxation but i found it eventually helped my back and yoga teacher says prob cos core muscles have been strengthened a little and taking pressure off..its not perfect by any means...but anything that takes the edge off without meds has to be worth a try. wont even cost you anything if you google yoga exercises for back pain...should be able to get some basic exercises you can do at home which may help.

just a thought.

Mr Stewart

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I can't take a lot of pain meds. Allergic. Tho I have 1 that I have been taking that seems to stop the migraines before they become unbearable.
Migraine medication (Maxalt and Imitrex) in particular cramps my stomach horribly for some reason. I asked my GP about alternatives. He told me to take my preferred generic over the counter pain med along with a large, strong, cup of coffee or caffeinated tea.

This works alright as long as I can catch it before the headache becomes too severe. Might want to give this a try.
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