just birching and avoiding and hoping

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    Hopefully my daughter will be down here sometime tonight. There is a "mission" about 20 miles from here. I am going to go in and see if I can get any type of help. I could use some food. I also really need antibiotics for a long term sinus infection, some meds for my diabetes and I have a couple of infected spots on my feet. I am also really worried about my vision. I either have a lens cataract that is a lot worse or starting to suffer from macular degeneration in that eye. I so not expect any help for the fibro or the bulging disks or the arthritis or the narcolepsy or the depression or the other shoulder that is trying to freeze from the fibro or the pain form the nonunion fracture in my left arm. I do not think there is any free health care close to me.
    It looks like I was denied for disability, denied for food stamps and denied for medical.
    I can't even get the energy up to clean the stupid camper.
    I am beginning to think my daughter would be better with son with her and him in daycare. She would be able to afford more with me gone.
    I do not see anything getting any better for me.
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    I'm sorry that you feel like that but please do not give up hope. You have lto live for your daughter and that should be a reason for living. You are important and I hope you had some compassionate time with your daughter. Take care. X