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Just can't anymore!

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I simply can't do this anymore. What? You may ask. Simply everything. Not really sure I can explain, and everytime I do I'm misunderstood. So, I'm not sure there's a point in even trying. "If" I chose to continue on it'll only be a life of utter silence. So, to continue loses its savor. I'm severely discouraged atm. I'm not convinced there's a point to anything anymore. I'd really like for people to stop believing in me especially when there's no room for consideration (by listening).

Rant over! Amongst so many other things.

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Hi you i hope you continue to rant okay vent let it out so it has less power
You do matter to people okay You can pm me okay anytime i know it gets so dam hard it does but thats when you reach out okay here or to a crisis line or to your doc we care I care okay hugs to you


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Thanks. I'm not good with words, and honestly there's tooo much going on to even begin to try and explain. Like I said before it'd only be misunderstood-always is. I just know there's no place in this world for someone like me.

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Yes there is that is just your depression distorting your thoughts your emotions
there is a place for you Here is one of them okay we care you stay here with us your friends who do understand who do care

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Whose facts are they his or whoever is making you feel this way. Those fact are not right okay The facts that are true are from the people who care about you and that know that you do matter you are important and you only deserve compassion and care hugs
That there no place on this planet for someone as unique as I am, and I am quite unique to anyone I've ever met anywhere. What's unique about me is the perspective I have. Those who are depressed aren't willing to consider the truth in what I share. I understand that. Why should one when they only know things to the contrary of what I share, but it also doesn't make what I would share any less true. Then there are those with a college education who think because that's what they were taught that is truth. I disagree. I'm the only one like me that I'm aware of at this point. If people were simply willing to consider what I share I really believe could help lives become more meaningful, but whatever. What do I know?
sounds interesting.

keep sharing. i value individuals. too many sheep out there.

i also have a unique perspective, one i express through my art.

you have found your voice, now use it. don't worry about what other people think, and whether or not they agree with you. just keep expressing your truth.
as dazzle11215 says i value individuals who are unique and passiontely believe in their view point. When you said what was unique about you you said it was your perspective.... your perspective on what? mental illness, art, fiction. there are many unique people about have you tried finding people who have like minded thoughts to you.
suicicide is final maybe check out some fellow passionate believers, you may even find some here. it could be a start.

what else is unique about you?

Thanks for sharing. I have been around closely like-minded people actually. I say closely for a reason. The perspective I have has to do with people and what makes them tick. I'm not referring to actions, but emo's that result in such actions. As well as it's one reason that makes it all the more important to forgive and love one another. Doesn't mean one automatically condones the action. I learned many years ago that while I can't stop what others do I can do my best to do my part not to continue what otherwise would be a continual cycle of such things. Make sense? Even those who hurt us have been hurt whether they chose to admit it or not. Then when we get hurt we tend to do the same or essentially similar, even if it's in a different form. I know many would care to disagree with my following statement, but none the less I believe it's true-2 wrongs don't make a right. Takes a bigger person to treat another kindly despite their pain than it does to "payback" (usually not at those who hadnt commited the initial offense). My son came to my place a few wks ago all excited Bin Laden had been killed. I said how is that good news? He said cuz we got the guy who ordered the killing in NYC. I said I get that, but now we're on alert again. It keeps the cycle going. How is this good? Where does it end? That's a large ie, but it does express how I see at least it works. I could go on and on, but for now I'll stop. Thanks for listening.
yeah, I don't think that anyone's death is ever a happy occasion. It makes me sad to think that the only thing that seems to unite americans is a common enemy

what is making you feel misunderstood? did you get into an argument with your son?

please stay and talk with us!

No. No arguments with my son. He actually stopped discussing it when I shared my perspective. He wasnt mad or upset or anything like that either which was good.

I had to let go of my job of 6yrs earlier this month. I like working. I've been doing it since I was 12yrs old. It's good for me in sooo many ways. I do quite a bit of volunteer work I enjoy, but I want to earn a living for myself and ultimately get off disability and 1 other assistance program I'm on.

I have a legal issue thanks to someone abusing my kindness and lying to me which complicates trying to get another job. Then just a few days ago a lady I knew passed away. She just turned 40 about 4-5 days after her massive stroke. She was my dear friends right hand where they work. They worked together for over 16yrs. I'm very sad for my friend and the ladys family of course. I have ideas of things I'd like to do but my legal issue complicates that.

I want to help those with mental illness too. I also enjoy hanging with kids. They like using me as a jungle gym. I love it. My dear friend I mentioned earlier thought I'd make a great foster mom. I want to do something where I can both listen and encourage others, but these types of things require backround checks. Atm I wont pass one, sadly.

I'm tired of the types of job I've had. I feel like I could do so much more now. I've been off all meds for 15mon now, no more therapy, and haven't been hospitalized for 11mon now. At the same time communication is not something I feel I'm good at. Idk.
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