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Just can't be bothed any more....

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My life been one long line of mistakes and disasters, that lead to this point what do i have:

A job that I hate
and I am a walking joke.

I just can't be arsed with it any more there no point to living it seams the more I go on with my life the worse it gets I can't get a new job i hate the job i have and I am single what do I have to show for my life again nothing. It seem all that left is honor and death.

The honor part can be achieved by saying sorry to all the people I have hurt over the years that includes the one women I loved who I let walk away because I could not tell here how I felt, it would be unfair now to tell here as she is seeing some one else, ok there are former employers who I should apologist to as well for telling them where they could stick there jobs and then walking out the office.

The apologist to my mum for been born once that all done find a nice quite place that got a nice view and end it looking out on a nice quite peaceful seen or the other option find a road and step under a bus or car. Which ever comes first.

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I hope you continue to look for another job get you resumes out there you don't know what will be. Your mother will have no peace if you do what you say. She will never be the same ask people here who have lost their child
Again today because I put a letter in the post box for work and royal mail have lost it it my flipping fault, what the hell am I going to do it just going to shit. I made an appointment to see my GP to see if he can help, just hope I don't do any thing to silly between now and the end of the week when i get to see him.

Life shit and it getting worse.....
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