just cant stop trans story

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    my names well my name is miss Debbie im a transvestite dominatrix and i just cant stop taking on submissives i want to stop but i just cant
    stop its really additive but after every session i have massive guilt

    i love being me i guesss i just want to be normalish if that makes sense a guy to be my lover and best friend i cant get the dom in me to leave
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    There are 2 things to consider- If it is adversely affecting your life look into counseling or groups for sex addiction. If it is not and all are mutually consenting adults to any activities either consider for yourself or look into counseling to accept your sexuality to deal with the guilt.....
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    I can understand where the guilt may come from, and it's really difficult to come to terms with even if the guilt is sort of not logical. Personally, I myself am a masochist and I know a person who is [deeply] a sadist but had never ever practiced it on anyone before an incident with me [not sexual, we're friends and both girls, she says she's bi but needs a man by her side, meaning sexually bi but romantically straight I'd say. I myself am pansexual and could have a relationship with any gender person, but that's another subject I guess >_<], and she felt massive guilt about it. She let me know she needed time alone and we didn't communicate at all for over 2 months, it messed her up quite a lot.. though I told her that it wasn't without my consent and I don't feel bad about it, and what she did to me wasn't a 'bad thing' [some cigarette burning, hope that's not too much information, I just felt it's necessary to mention here]. I have scars from it on my hand though and I can see it bothers her just to see them.. which I really wish it didn't. I mean, I know she hurt me physically, but it was initially my idea [though I said it as a joke, wondering what it might feel like, and she already knew I'm a masochist and offered to do it. I found out later that she's actually sadistic] and it wasn't in any way her 'fault', she didn't do me any harm psychologically [except well that it made me feel guilty now 'cause she feels bad about it], to me it wasn't a bad thing at all, quite the opposite. Well umm, what I'm trying to say is that sadism/dominance [though I know they're different things] are not bad things when the person is consenting [and likes it]. Personally, I hurt myself on my own already anyway, in different ways, so it would basically just be changing who does it. I just can't function without at least some kind of physical pain on a regular basis. I am sexually impulsive too though, meaning I'd do basically anybody when I'm drunk, but I guess that's off the point here.. Well I hope this made some sense and maybe helped a bit, I mean, there really really is no reason for you to feel guilty about this. If your sub is enjoying it and gets reassurance/intimacy from you, then they should be totally fine, more than fine really. I think it's an amazing thing when people are in a mutual bdsm relationship, in a way it's really special and a huge thing with trust. Personally, I may have sex with different kinds of people but I would not submit to just anyone. If you have any questions to me feel free to ask, though I am essentially a masochist not a sub, but some things are similar. Hope you will do better with this in the future.