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just can't.

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i have been told that i frequently offend others and that i am mean to those around me. i had no idea i came across this way, i never intended for it to be like this. i have tried to care, be genuine and show support even if it meant that others feelings came first. but now i find myself alone most of the day. i rarely go anywhere or do anything. i can't stand the thought that i could keep hurting other people or make them feel stupid so i stay alone. tonight i am very much alone. i hurt all over. i know no one cares, no one has missed me or has called for over a month. to them i am already dead. so what's the point now? who will really miss me once i am gone? no one.


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It sounds like the problem you have is is communication, when you talk to people it sounds like they hear negative things you did not mean. Can you try reading about communication skills, try to find where they are getting confused?


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I'm sure windlespoons didn't mean it in a negative manner. I think from reading your post, it seems like you aren't coming across as caring as you really are inside, hence people telling you that you offend them. I guess a good first step is to ask them how you are offending them (like what you say (nonverbal or verbal) to offend them) and improve.

It's just feedback, and without feedback we can't see anything new like the caring you that you want to be (verbally, not just inside).
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