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Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by confusedandalone99, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. confusedandalone99

    confusedandalone99 New Member

    I'm just so confused. I love my boyfriend with all my heart and soul, we are a match made for each other. Well in the last 4 months he had change. What I mean by changing is his whole attitude, jealously, does not want me to hang out with my friends anymore just with him, and he has anger issues he never hit me until these last 4 months just always yelled and threw things. My aunt noticed a bruise on me the other day but i made somethin up so it wouldnt worry her. He has threatened me if i said anything to anyone it would be worse then just a slap or two. does anyone has advice for me thank you
  2. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Hi and welcome...glad you posted...Please consider what is best for you and if he is being abusive, you must leave the relationship...no one should be allowed to abuse another, under any circumstance...unfortunately, sometimes, love is not enough!
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Advice yes leave NOW i mean it he doesn't own you and he has no right to verbally or physically hurt you. IT will get WORSE time to leave and tell the police as well because if he is threatening you that is a danger sign

    Move away disconnect all your conncections chnage phone numbers do it NOW no if and about it .
  4. Socialman

    Socialman Well-Known Member

    I think you should get out. I have been known to be jealous, but I cried instead of hitting. The only person I ever hit is my little brother because he is stronger than me and can beat me up. He keeps me in line.
  5. Joshuwa

    Joshuwa Well-Known Member

    leave him, no abusive relationship is ever worth holding onto
  6. acecoffee

    acecoffee Active Member

    how long you been with your boyfriend ? and what causes the changes?

    i know sometime it is hard to deal with all those shit and stuff,
    but if he do have issue that causes it , it would be better to give time out but stay supportive .
    it sound stupid right now , but when i was serverely depressed after some incident ,i have major anger issue as well ,even psych hospital were threaten to kick me out as i was too agressive . and i hurt everyone i love , esp those i love most , as i know they will always be here regardless what i did to them .
    i regrat every single swear word i said to them , every single tears i made them drop , ever burise i did to the nurse ( who i also treart as friend ) but i was having a depersonalisation . tell him to stop what he is doing , tell him you support him and love him , but in the same time ,make it clear that if it happen again , you will leave him .

    but that without them supporting me by my side , i would prob not in this world now ,
    no abusive relationship is worth holding onto , but at least try to understand it and give him one final chance before you made your choice .
    i cant decided it for you , but you must have suffer a great amount of pains cause of it , but think in the same time , is he as well ? if it is just his mental disorder or crisis incident occur, would your love simply be disconnect throught sickness and health ? in good time as in bad , in joys as well as sorrow .

    like all the other said , leave him , but what i suggest is just give him a chance before you do so , make it clear , you love him , you care about him a lot , but for this , you have suffer too much to bear , if he love you , he should try something out to stop his beheaviour if it is cause by any reason -doc, med, thearpy , anger issue group . it sound a bit like he is insecure right this moment , ask him why , secure him that you love him the way he WAS . and make it clear that if it happen one more time , this is done with..

    much luck in this ,

    lynn xx
  7. jimstewart

    jimstewart New Member


    There are a billion people and more in this world .. Everyone would have been in a relationship at one point of time ... everyone goes through this .. but how you deal with it is all that matters ... instead of thinking about it ... just enjoy your life .. be the person whom you are and you will get the right guy ... trust me ! ... one last tip : once you start loving the real person within you .. you'll love everything around you as well .. big hug .. tc !
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