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just curious..

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Does anyone on SF believe in god, or a higher being? Or has everyone here lost "faith"? Or do you believe that not even "god" can help?


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Never believed even though I was raised in catholic schools. I guess because at home things were always pretty liberal.


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Well I've never believed in "god" either. It seemed to me that everyone else here was on the same boat so to speak.but I just thought I would ask.

Madam Mim

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I used to believe in a higher power, and thought 'God' was as good a name for it as any, but I lost my faith a few years ago. Not due to depression, just became too rational to have any sort of faith, I guess.



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I've lost faith in everything from God to doctors to karma. If I want to be fixed, I need to do it myself, it seems.
I used to believe and I sometimes do. The problem with me is when I feel that God exists, I blame him for my miserable life. Some says that God loves you thats why He put you into the test. Well I don't want this Sh**** test. Thats just nonsense. I got two sides now: One says God exists because you exist, but the other says if he really does exist why most of your prayers aren't answered? So, I really can't say anything about me: what I believe and what I don't. I am just a Konfused kid.


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I do believe ther is a god of some sort a higher power that works in mysterious ways. Thers got to be reason for everything and truth an underlying certainty without this ther is no logic. All actions sins and behaviours we commit to day in day out has a meaning, good or bad these sins of self are committed in order for us to cope and comprehend in our own individual life circles.

A lot of actions sin and behaviour are created and carried out subconsciously its part of being human and a higher power is the fuel to this fire inside of us all. Emotion has its own fuel for the fire but these powers all link together to create the confusion that life is. It all comes down to how many powers contained within us are given spark and fuel good or bad to breed.


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Wouldn't say I believe. Takes too much time to think about something someone else decided to make up. Most of my thoughts rotate around this not being real life. Maybe it isn't? Maybe it is? You can't really tell.


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I've never understood why people would "want" to believe in a god. i believe i will live and soon enough i will expire, back to the state i was in before i was born, simple non-existance....as good ol' twain put it 'I was dead a millenia before i lived and it didnt inconvenience me in the slightest'


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Im back and forth.

There are days that I say there is no GOD because so many bad things happen but then again if there is a god, then there is a devil right, so I get to thinking which side am I really on? All these negative thoughts must come from a darkside right?

So now Im just thinking that there is nothing higher or lower just evil and good, whether it be in people, places or anything else in life.

Still confused......


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I only worship the sun. If that baby turns off, I'm dead. Plus if it's mad at me it can give me melanoma and sunburn.

My whole family is catholic but my parents chose not to baptize me (good thing). I go to church occasionally at a unitarian universalist place by myself so I can meet some people and get out of the house, plus a ton of the members for most part are atheist and like-minded.
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