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Just don't feel well

For a few weeks I've been feeling uneasy.
I am stressed so much from school, and am very behind on all my work. I've been having issues with my family who I live with and they haven't been supporting me. I don't know if I will ever finish this year, and am scared I won't even be able to graduate next term.
Its currently the holidays and I have so many assignments to do, and right now I'm just don't with everything.
I wish I could drink, but it's probably not good for me, and plus I'm not an adult yet whenever I drink I always drink too much to make myself drunk.
I just am struggling so much and am finding it so hard to get through each minute of every day.
I have a boyfriend, but I don't even know if I should be in a relationship anymore. I can't even look after myself.

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It sounds like there is a lot going on and it's a bit overwhelming. Are you ab!e to focus on school work to try and catch up or is it difficult to concentrate? Is there a reason your family are not being supportive?

Best to avoid drinking, whilst it may make things seem better for a while, it's best to try and understand the problem and develop more constructive coping skills ( I don't know how, but certainly wish I had !!! )

Take care
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Hi @blueworld It's understandable to be stressed by school. Are you having any trouble following what's going on in class? Or is it simply the amount of work that's stressing you?

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