Just drinking water.

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    So, last night I was thinking. I got a job, I have money to save for Florida, now it's just time to lose the fat. I've been dieting but have kind of stalled out. I'm getting fed up with counting points and weighing everything. It's just gotten ridiculous now.

    My resolution is to just drink water the next few days to clean out my system. I know it's not the healthiest way to lose weight and it might be dangerous, but I feel like if I clear my system of all the toxins etc. then I would be off to a good start. I have considered even taking laxatives to clean myself out entirely as gross as that sounds.

    I don't know, any advice?
  2. Terry

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    a two day de-tox is not a bad thing but no more than a couple of days and certainly no laxatives. They will deplete all your minerals and can be dangerous to the body.
    Try a water with a slice of lemon in it and an all fruit diet for 2 days. You'll get a stonking headache as the toxins leave your body but should feel better at the end of it :smile:
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    thank you terry :hug: will have to go buy fruit.
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    I was just reading about a system detox a day or so ago, it says to drink lots of pure water, Cranberry juice and if your hunger gets the best of you, it says low fat fruit yogurt can help, I'm doing it myself, tomorrow. Good luck with it all, Kelly. :smile:

    I just saw what Terry said, that is a good idea, but I wouldn't go any farther to wards nothing than what I said above, any less can be dangerous.
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    Have you ever tried a colonic flush kelly? That's a sure fire way to remove built up waste from your colon and help you lose weight.
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    I have just been drinking water since october last year ;) with a few exeptions of course, and it feels like I'm getting thinner.

    But I have to add that I also stopped eating candy, chips, unhealty food etc. even chocolate :eeek: