Just drop it all ready.

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    AHHHHH I don't care what you think I don't have an eatting disorder. Why are we always talking about this. Why do you give a crap if I eat or don't, or throw up or not? Why do you bring it up to my workers? Why do you feel the need to lecture me? If I had an eatting disorder I would be skinny!

    I am not going to the hospital. I don't care how sucidal I am. I am sick and tired of it. There is no point all they do is through meds at the problem and alot of good that has done.
    Why do I feel like everyone is mad at me. Have I really done that much to tick you all off?

    Why can't I get it. Why Why Why? What is wrong with me? Logically I know everything you are telling me is true. Emotionally I don't feel it.
    Why can't I just get over it all ready?
    I know I shouldn't be hurting myself I do I get it. I am so angry at mysel!. I can't cope with all this stuff right now I just can't.

    Why am I such a bad friend? Why didn't I just answer the phone the other day? Why did it take me so long to call you back? I am so sorry he did that to you. I should have been there with you in the hospital.

    I can't handle anymore. I can't cope. My whole world is crashing down, and I am standing in the middle of it. I feel so unable to cope with my own life.
    I am falling to pieces and I feel helpless. I know I should take it on mintue at a time but I can't.
    Yes I know that I am obsessive about cleaning, counting, germs and my teeth. Why can't I say what hurts so bad on the inside.
    Yes I know if it was my daughter that was going through all this that I would give her diffrent advice.
    OMG I just can't cope with this anymore. I just want it all to stop!!
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    thinking of you tracy and want you to keep fighting.even though I can see you don't want to..:hug::hug::hug::rose: