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Just ended a really intense relationship

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by A loser, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. A loser

    A loser Well-Known Member

    Today I broke up with a girl I had been dating for nearly 3 years (on, off). I knew it had to happen, she was like heroin to me: My time with her felt amazing but I knew she was bad for my health. We both had our share of problems and I think we often made each other worse, especially when we had masive arguments (I lived with her for a few months). I'm sad about it, but it was inevitable, so I had been preparing for it for a while.

    She was the most beautiful, intelligent, kind, wonderful person I have ever met and I highly doubt I will ever meet a girl that will come close to her. I will always cherish my memories of her, but I know I will have to move forward. Goodbye X.
  2. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support


    Sorry to hear about your relationship ending. That's always a bit rough. I'm glad that you were a bit "prepared" for it. You're choosing a wise path to cherish the memories and begin to move forward when you can.

    I think - at least I hope! - you meet a wonderful girl who deserves you and who gives you as much happiness and love as you give her.

  3. A loser

    A loser Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your kind words. I have never met any other girl that even comes near to her (at least when things were going well) and I don't think I will. All the other girls I have dated seem shallow and insipid compared to her. I suppose I am being illogical (my emotions getting the better of me), with 3 billion girls in the world, I'm sure that their must be other 'perfect' girls out there (they must be good at hiding though :p), hopefully I will meet one someday. I'm in no rush, you can't hurry love (to quote Phil Collins). Here's to the future....
  4. Ed.

    Ed. Well-Known Member

    I used to think my ex was the perfect girl, then i thought my girlfriend was the perfect girl... there seems to be a pattern here... =P
  5. A loser

    A loser Well-Known Member

    Are you trying to troll me or just naturally an insensitive twit (can you swear on here?)? Are you trying to upset other people to feel better about yourself? I'm going to give you the benifit of the doubt, for now, as I have only read two of your posts (both of which I found rude and ignorant) and assume you have are an insensitive person with poor social skills, rather than a malicious one.
  6. masive

    masive Banned Member

    F**k her off and shag something else..

    Dont be down about it. And Trust me you will find that LOVE again.
  7. A loser

    A loser Well-Known Member

    Thanks, we both decided to break up, so I'm not angry with her (or her with me). I don't want to just go and shag any girl (okay, I sort of do :p, but I've started to grow out of that phase) I want to find another girl to have a serious relationship with and that will be difficult, as the next girl will have to match my ex, which has not ever happened so far.
  8. masive

    masive Banned Member

    That will take time mate.. Play around for a while I broke up with my ex at xmas time we were together for around 3 yrs. I played the game a little now I am seeing someone more formal It will come give it time. |Rember the next girl is not your ex she is a different person so do not compare its all new again
  9. redemption

    redemption Active Member

    you're not alone feeling shitty over a girl at them moment, I'm struggeling aswell really hard to forget someone, been put on cipralex by my doctor because of it. it really does feel like the world is comming to an end, people trying to cheer you up by saying stuff like " well then she wasn't the one for you" or "you'll meet someone who deserve you, you're a wonderful person" etc etc, nothing like that really helps to hear, sure I know I've been sad before over girls and always goten over it, but it feels different this time, but one of the few things that help is to think that hopefully I will get over it this time aswell, but atm it feels like I wont this time, guessing it's the same thing with you.
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