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Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by titanic, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. titanic

    titanic Well-Known Member

    Forget I spoke of cupboards with bats and scary looking sheep and no sunlight.
    Motor jump start leads that fail us.

    In fog and sperm and grey beasties;
    sin and bitterness of the world, calm Great White Rose under the strain of the mountain crumbling,
    infactuated with the song and dance of despair where it firmly holds me tight and destroys my life,
    wild beasts, cover me in semen and let my mind escape my body...
    do what you will, I am not mine, I am for the pickings of vultures.
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  2. Lead Savior

    Lead Savior Well-Known Member

    And it was an excellent expression.
    I loved its train-of-thought imagery, like passing through a gallery in your mind.
  3. titanic

    titanic Well-Known Member

    Thanks! :smile:
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