Just feeling down and hopeless today ......destiny?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by HomerSimpson, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. HomerSimpson

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    Is it possible to be confident and have good self esteem, and yet believe that no matter how hard you work in life to achieve something or how good a person you are, your just meant to be nothing no matter what you do. It is your destiny to be nothing, and no matter how hard you try in life it will never change what is meant to be.
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    First, I'm sorry you feel this way as it is an awful feeling to have; my first suicidal episode was over this sort of philosophical issue. Second, thank you for reaching out- as this is the first step on the recovery pathway. Third, I hope I don't ramble too much, but I'll try to lay out my philosophy on this issue in two paragraphs.
    I believe, after long pondering, that everything happens in context. So in essence it depends what context you look at. In the context of the universe, there's no possible way that we can help shape the universe- because it is just too large. And even in the context of the physical earth as we know it, there's nothing we can really do to change it- we just have to accept the features that the earth has. But I do believe that in the context of the social earth, even though we are just a drop in the bucket, a drop has the potential to change the nature of the things inside the bucket. And looking deeper, in the context of family life, we have the power to change lots of dynamics and things. For example if you always are polite to your family members that probably has a big impact on them knowing that you care.
    So in essence it depends on the context in which you look. For me, in the year and a half since my first suicidal episode, I have gradually learned to consider the little things that I can change- as opposed to the big things that I have little or no control over. I'm still struggling with this though; as sometimes I feel awfully depressed at the thought that we can't change everything.
    I hope this at least helps a little. I'm not trying to be decisive, just trying to give you my perspective and context for which I am writing (and yes, pun intended). Does this at all make sense? I'm pretty awful at communicating, so I won't feel bad if it doesn't make any sense to you.

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