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Just feelings

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its been a really hard time lately. My ocd has been so bad. I just pray that god will take me. I pray all the time. I have noone who I can talk to. Mostly people just give me a weird stare when I try to talk to them or they disregard my feelings.

The only thing thats keeping me aliveis my animals. The thing is recently I feel that I dont care about my animals and that I just want them to die so I can die too. When my dog was acting strange I didnt have the energy to care. But, then I got some and helped her. But, now its the same again. Nothing seems real to me. And, it hasnt for awhile now.

What am I to do now that I have almost no reason to live?

This is how I feel.

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your animal depend on you okay if you are not feeling well then go to your doctor and get some meds do therapy and get feeling better so you can help your animals when they need it hugs:hugtackles:
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