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just for you

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jane doe

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this is something that i wrote last night. i hope you enjoy it

waiting for the end
i came looking for hope
looking for someone
who can understand my feelings
and i found you
so lost like me
you listened to me
and you gave me what i needed.
i haven´t met you yet
and you almost don´t know nothing about me
but you were there
and no matter what
i´ll be there for you too
now i feel i know you
and that we are friends
and friends shouldn´t be alone
i´ll hang on, if you hang on
and if you´r sad, i´ll cry with you
i´ll be there as longer as you stay with me
because you are too much for me right now
i won´t let you go
stay beside me and let´s make this friendship works
i know you´re hurt
i won´t do that to you
and if your desition is to go away
i´ll go away with you


SF Friend
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I like this.:smile: This is what this forum is all about: hanging on for our friends here, holding them up and giving them comfort and compassion when they need it. You may be new here but you've caught the spirit of the site very quickly and accurately.:smile: Thank you for your kind thought and words. We are here for you any time you need support and friendship, don't forget that.:smile:

with love and hugs and hope,


jane doe

Well-Known Member
thank you all. i´m glad you like it. i just started writting for avoid cutting.. and it´s helping me a little bit. so thanx for taking the time for reading it. you all take care.
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