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Just found out I'm always going to be alone!

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So tonight my boyfriend (of 2 years) and I drank a little and smoked a bit so I was feeling good but we were talking about some important stuff (because it was time) cause we r both 20 and i just wanted to see what he thought about our future and he automatically said I WILL NEVER GET MARRIED, because i dont want those responsibilites and shit.... i sat there and just cried like what am i supposed to do keep dating someone with no intentions of ever being with me... my heart just completely broke into so many pieces. it took me so long to trust him and i promised myself i wouldnt date anyone else again because i went to school with him so I know his background but if i meet someone new i wont trust them or kno if they are like a killer or something. i know it sounds stupid but i have been through a lot in my life and it seems like i should die but i try very very very hard to try and be normal so i can be good enough for my boyfriend but it obviously isnt going to work. I mean like lately my parents haven't been around lately (out of town) and i have felt soo horrible and sad and alone and I dont know what i would if i had to do it for the rest of my life. please please help me i cant talk to anyone else without being criticized because no one understands!


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Men!!! BAH!!!

Ok the trust issue I know only too well, you finally trust someone and they shit on you. Ah well thats life I guess.

Have you tried counselling? You sound like you really need to talk things thru with someone.

The boyfriend, well God knows where his head is. How did he react when you started crying?

Spill it all out on here if it helps. We will listen and not condemn you.

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This guy sounds like a jerk. I'm sure you're worth the 'troubles' this guy is so worried about. Don't let his problems make you feel down about yourself. And if you can, find a better man. You deserve someone who cares.


Different people live in different realities because we each carry with us different dreams and ideas about the way things should be. One well-known psychologist calls this our "quality world". It is a dream world that we carry around in our heads. If we maintain a particular dream inside of us, work hard to realize it and we are lucky, we might approximately live that dream in our real lives.

For example for some people, their dream is to be married and have another person center their lives around them with a legally binding contract. This is the only thing that will make them feel happy, safe or that things are going well for them. For other people, marriage is not at all a part of their quality world. Having friendships and sexual relationships that do not involve a clearly defined lifetime committment is the only thing that will make them feel happy, safe or that things are going well for them.

Neither person is right or wrong. It is also possible to abandon old dreams and adopt new ones, in either direction. What might make you happy during one period of your life may make you miserable in another period.

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I doubt u will always be alone. Just because he says he will never get married doesn't mean he doesn't want to be with u or anythin. And besides how do u know u won't meet some other guy in the future who does want to get married with u?
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